Did they really cheat them out of that?

“vastly different roles” ha. This author goes into detail about how blacks are accused of ~antisemitism~ for bringing any of this up. Uhh?

Keep in mind that the Civil Rights movement always lumps Jews in with the blacks. Standard historiography is that they were always “buddies” who were similarly oppressed. Even the kagal socks believe the lies themselves. The “self-whipping” isn’t something they taught themselves. That is to say, when they have genuine empathy for black folk this idea in their mind that they can identify with their “struggle” is totally fabricated. Doesn’t mean that they don’t genuinely feel it. It’s made up, they were always the privileged ones in Europe and America. Then the more aware ones will be BLM activists purely to subvert white society. Many of them have this unfounded notion that they can identify with blacks though, which is funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if the highest echelons of the kagal believe this lie. It’s a historical fabrication that fundamentally shapes our political lifeworld too. “You’re gonna pay for that!” Dude you were the richest ones, the nature of the “ghetto” you lived in is distorted.

This seems to be how it went after the Emancipation Proclamation

Now fully exasperated, the Mordecais demanded to know if their now ex-slave would have the chutzpah to continue to live at the Mordecais’ without working for them.

You’ve probably truly internalized the idea that you’re the descendant of an evil slavemaster, haven’t you, whitie? I know because I can feel that myself. It’s a fabricated feeling. It was mostly Jews every step of the way. This volume of books is true “critical race theory” that every African American should read. Isn’t that the very essence of our political order, that whites should be hated and punished for slavery? And lookie here, can we expect the venerable Finkelstein to promote these books? Hell no, they’re banned from Amazon, from Barnes and Noble.

Here’s a symbol for ya, we like our symbols don’t we?

The Northern press referred to him as the “South’s evil genius”.

sounds familiar noises

a master of the secessionist rhetoric that cast slaveholders as victims

This is funny when we’re talking about literal slavery

He got away with it too- after the Civil War he escaped to France where he died rich. He was the Confederacy’s Secretary of War and Secretary of State – I wonder why no one’s ever heard of him?

This must be an exaggeration?

“Of course it is!”

I couldn’t believe all this myself when I first heard about it on Yandex. “These russkies must be messing with me or something.” Most of the sources these volumes draw from are Jewish.

This is another example of a goy–here, Robert E. Lee–serving as the “face” while the real villain is behind-the-scenes and gets away innocent. Who was making all the money from those slaves? Who kept exploiting them after slavery supposedly ended?


It was the esteemed black Harvard scholar W.E.B. Du Bois who traveled through the postwar South and declared that the Jews were the heirs of the slave baron.

Shifty Schiff

Going to have to find the first edition of Souls of Black Folk from 1903.

Z-library might have an accurate edition- here is a passage from it

Nearly all the lands belong to Russian Jews; the overseers are white, and the cabins are bare boardhouses scattered here and there. The rents are high, and day-laborers and “contract” hands abound. It is a keen, hard struggle for living here, and few have time to talk.

If you look for the book you’ll find lots of editions that are just “selections”. Ah the one quoted from above is edited too. “Immigrants” they’re called- that’s shady meddling. Remember in the 1880s and 1890s Radhanites from the Pale fled to America after peasant uprisings, what they call “pogroms”.


In his 600-page book Black Reconstruction in America (1935), a work financed by the Jewish Rosenwald Fund, Du Bois avoids the issue altogether.

There is an article to be found- “The Souls of Black Folk: A Comparison of the 1903 and 1952 Editions” from 1971.

I bet you suddenly want to “forgive” those behind the slavery and the later quasi-slavery now that you know they weren’t most prominently “white”. It’s alright, I know you’ll keep blaming us for it anyway. Very similar to the way people accuse Christians of not being able to rationally justify their religious beliefs, and they continue to believe them nonetheless.

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