I’m surprised they even mention this on wikipedia

“Reconstruction” is a synonym for “slavery didn’t end in 1865”. Many of us learned about this in school, just not about the real movers and shakers behind it.

Doesn’t this title strike you as something that wasn’t written for plebs?

This was 2008 when they finally got got, a century and a half after they established their bank based on slavery and debt-slavery. What kinds of influence did the Lehmans have during those years? The Sassoon clan is a similar case, except they’re still out there calling the shots, and with new names. I’m sure the Lehmans are doing just fine themselves. Looking into that will be for another day.

The background from that Cotton Capitalists book

Keep in mind the double-morality of usury for goyim, friendliness to fellow жиди. This Cohen writer here is emphatic about the ethnic factor, which is refreshing. This white at least gets the impression that he’s calling for the continued importance of it in the present-day. For them, not for us, I am sure. This is an altogether candid treatment of “international capital” if nothing else.

What’s significant to me about this is that it’s an example of a dirty way that they acquired the capital, and the implications of what they’d later use it for. Starts with slavery. Continues to be used for slavery. Or with the Sassoons- starts with doping people into being idiots, and continues to make money off that.

I wonder if this affects global consciousness at all

Civil War- ended April 1865. Possibly some of the worst “baddies” from the South move to the North a few months later like it’s nothing.

There must be жиди who wish they could write about this. The supremacist ones like the Chabad who find this funny. “Yeah, we use you, it’s what we do.” Every member of the crime family is like that on some level. They don’t have to be as explicit as Chabad to be “Chabad-blooded”. Why is someone so familiar with Italians saying this- that’s up to your imagination. Don’t you want to know who the real criminals are? I’d say that’s pretty handy, that kind of knowledge. Otherwise a certain “mafia” might be doing criminal things that affect your life. Was Coppola a deliberate psyop? I am open-minded to speculations about that. Similarly, Cuomo is the putz that they put as the “face” to scapegoat the non-jews while they really are to blame for the dysfunctions of society. They have all the fools churning beneath the pinnacle attacking each other and never the pinnacle, genius really.

The Lehmans weren’t monopolists during that time, there are other banking clans that still operate today that were “bootstrapped” through cotton, not to mention opium. The villainy of their origins is present in today’s reality.

Not a trace of this type of thinking in that Cotton Capitalists book of course, one gets the palpable impression of a жид exclaiming “We’re awesome!” They live in a state of exception, they’re allowed to do that. You want to question that then you’re an anti-bankers-are-better-than-yousemite.

If a black woman wrote a book based on these ones I’ve been drawing from it would be possibly the deadliest material that exists in the world against international shekel. Why would she do that though? She’s so flattered in this regime. Bite the hand that feeds. Well, you’re still their slave, doesn’t that concern you at all? “You think I even have the IQ to do that?” If you put in the effort maybe, I don’t have high hopes for black women honestly though I will give you advice since you might recall what I said a while ago that black women are the best psyop that exists. They can get away with pretty much anything if they’re careful. The real slavers have convinced you that people like me are the slavers. Notice they never talk to you this way. You’re probably just going to be content being a slave because you have wifi, flattery, and easy food access. You really content with these niggas, these merchants, these coward whites? Alright, if you want to be on their side, that says something about you. You want little black girls growing up to be this nasty black whore the mainstream tries to promote? Nobody wants that, pump n dump cycle, struggling alone with kids, not good for anyone, especially the poor bastard that didn’t choose that life. Bankers and absence of morals, there’s a connection there, and I’ve given you the literature to read to understand it, and I doubt you will, because you are one of “their” spawn. You can try though. For instance, that Cotton Capitalists book– I’m drawing from a chapter called “Networks from Above”- I’m not being an arrogant person, it’s just not a concept that many people understand… Only people who are up there truly understand it- as for us, we have to do our studies. Once you see the world as they see it you might have questions about them, and I certainly do. Do I have any black readers that have survived? Throughout this, try to avoid people like this Cohen or that Slezkine, because they portray reality in a similar way that the establishment does, and it’s easy to be convinced if you don’t read the people these types try to hide from you- Elista, Shmakov, etc. Try to keep that in mind. The only person that cares about jews and blacks in the US is me. “You hate us!” At least I tell you.

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