There’s a word I haven’t seen before (from the Spanish internet)

Do they have a peculiar perspective on the Civil War, I was wondering. North vs. South? What about the far South that is Mexico?

My reasoning for taking an interest in “historiology” is that if a more accurate understanding of historical events catches on then there will be a shift in the perception of the world itself.

What someone from Portugal has to say

Lincoln is Washington, so to speak. And to correct the above statement, Anti-Hitler is Lincoln. It doesn’t mean Lincoln doesn’t figure, it’s that Anti-Hitler is Lincolnian.

That’s another cross-cultural study I’d like to find- how wars shape perception of reality. Need the волшебные слова.

A concept that makes me laugh- a study on historiology and bankers. If only you knew how puppet-like most people appear to me.

Here’s a concrete take on “the horizon”

The puppets work within those established intellectual parameters. They want support from these families ultimately, that’s why. And thus those intellectual parameters are perpetuated. Even the study of these foundations itself almost exclusively works within the intellectual parameters that are set by these very foundations. It’s like look at Bozo over here saying stuff that nice clean “soaped-up” bluechecks wouldn’t even wince over. ~cOiNcIdEnTaLlY~ We are the puppet people, we are the puppet people, all we do is schmooze every waking moment of our lives. If you all just love having incest I guess that’s just who you are. Wonder why your ideas seem “inbred”, that’s why.

he identified the group as “the high priests of globalization.” Hutton said that “people participate in all of these networks to influence the way the world works,” and create, as he put it, “international common sense” of politics.

It’s common sense to be a schmoozer and not protest the lowbrowization of culture apparently.

It feels good to be free, you should try it out. It feels like I’m wandering in a field of sunlight. Do you even work on Wall Street? So why do you act like you do? It’s not good to go through life being a plastic person. “We’re all one happy plastic family.”

I ask the Italian internet about historiography and bankers, using neutral language, and let’s just say I don’t get neutral results- the usual suspects I see everywhere.


We have this Hegelian problem too. And then the corrective is Marx-lite which is totally ineffectual.

I wonder if the financial powers “funded interest” in Croce ahahahaha Yes it’s the history of ideas you fool.

An irony- Marxists of today do exactly what Marx accused Hegel of- justify the state. You aren’t a Marxist, shut your mouth. Giving a banker in a tophat a free piggyback ride by the looks of it.

The cabal definitely has similarities to the mafia

“Lucky Luciano” haha funny Italian man. On the other hand, Jews are frightening and not funny at all. Too bad you kikes don’t scare me. I hope you enjoy those busted kneecaps.

I bring out the criminal in them too and they know it. They like the feeling of being a crime family, the rotten bastards. They love carrying around a sack of stolen gold on their back and laughing. “Nothing personal you gullible dupes.” The real crime is the egregore that the gold forms. They might as well have “chipped” people.

That’s a blindspot of mine- similar to the gypsies, the Italian mafia is another “piece’a shit clique” that we can draw parallels from. Crime isn’t something that should be glamorized. I don’t know why I even have to say this- someone is getting hurt somewhere when there’s a crime. “Jews are saints!!” Why do I want to lace their matzo with arsenic then? Similar to the lynching of Leo Frank, if no one else is going to bring these criminals to justice then… That Jewish baker [sic] in Galicia who bathed in the dough water with scabs? That’s pretty much what “the media” is. I’ll throw that stale roll at your head without eating it, no thanks.

Anyone else want to know more about 19th century slavery? I have an urge to know more about that, personally. WW2 is filtered through that. I’d say it’s about… a quarter perhaps a third of what makes our political order “go”. So I want to get the facts right about it. Lehman Brothers? You don’t have to say what their ethnicity is. That Cohen who’s writing about it seems to believe it’s important, and I agree.

You can read the following statement with a lot more objectivity I bet, and these are lesser criminals we’re talking about

The mafia might as well be so petty that it holds up gas stations next to the kind of people I’m talking about. And you can talk about the mafia all you want, and there’s something even humorous about that subject, strangely. This other “mafia” that is much more powerful, no. It’s a crime involving belief-systems at the very highest levels of consciousness, that’s why. In Medieval times you wouldn’t criticize the Christian God, you’re too pious for that, it’s an unspeakable blasphemy. That’s what being “chipped” by them is like. Well you’re obviously here reading this so clearly there’s something off the fritz about your chip, it might be fizzling and sparking to some degree. Whatever, I want to learn more about that cotton “business”.

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