Look, the same theory we saw on the Chinese internet is on the Italian internet too

John Citizen tends to believe that Lincoln was shot by “some rando”, no? Or with JFK they’ll often say “CIA”. The controllers of the cashflow get away scot-free. Didn’t they just make some prog musical about Hamilton by the way? There are theories that he was the one among the founders who was beholden to the “European” bankers, a mole essentially.

Anyway, probably expectedly, non-Americans tend to have fresh takes on our sainted statesmen that remove them from the realm of “mythological heroes”.

In other words, I ideally don’t want to read what a Cohen has to say about the cotton industry. Relatedly, I did end up confirming yesterday that W. E. B. Du Bois indeed did scrub that book of his that names the usual suspects as the presiders over the “feudal south”. I’ll go ahead and see if he’s referenced in that Cohen book, and nope. Just a symptom, doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Given that “America” exports its culture everywhere, every country has the incentive to do this type of research. Goes to show how braindead they are.

Who were these cultured gentlemen?

I ask the evil empire of the world par excellence, the number one enemy of America, Iran

The economics of slavery in the American South in terms of the economy is so closely intertwined with the American North and Britain, that the real slaveholders were those who bought southern products from these areas and made money from slave labor.

This Persian cites a book by Edward Baptist who names some other entities involved in the industry

Connecticut factories, London banks, opium addicts in China, and consumers in East Africa

Let’s think of this idea of “Networks from Above”

This writer is speaking my language

The link between the cotton field and politics can be found in the strange alchemy of banks.

Who was making the most money in this “slavery scheme” is the question

The proto Federal Reserve in the time of slavery and serfdom – you ever heard of it?

So we’ve narrowed down the formalism somewhat- the Bank of England and the B. U. S.

A lot different image in your brain than a (debt-slave) farmer wielding a whip, eh? The Network from Above. We’re used to blaming the little guy, not the ones who got richest off this “original sin” of American history.

This is a “funny” statistic that demonstrates slavery only ended in name in 1865

For the “how does the shekel keep being reborn from the ashes?” folder

Jackson supposedly hated all banks, but his policies would lead to explosive growth in both new banks and new lending.

Remember the other day, what Jackson said his greatest achievement was, “I killed the bank” – it was this B. U. S. that he was talking about. The merchant-types are resilient- the bank was shutdown and they remained and adjusted.

These are the 1830s we’re talking about

Alabama also funded its banking system with bonds, selling most to the Rothschilds of Paris, Europe’s most powerful bankers.

This dynasty held both Alabama and Mississippi bonds at the time

A Mississippi newspaper dismissed the London Times as “the organ of Jew brokers,”

The Bank of ~England~

You want to know who was getting extremely rich from those African slaves or not? Their names are in nonfiction books, you can look. If you want to say “Lehman” yeah Lehman is one of them.

Needless to say, this book I’m drawing on only references the Radhanites a couple times. Keep that Cohen’s words in mind if you decide to read it. I have no idea why Cohen would’ve written such a candid book. Maybe he just feels his clan is so powerful he’s able to openly brag about such a thing, I don’t know.

It’s so nice being able to ctrl+f “bank” in this other 500 page PC book. Remember I found this through the Farsinet- Persians tend to be more attuned to this non-Hegelian idea that history is not the history of ideas alone and they have zero reluctance to bring up banks, usury, and their most infamous exemplification. So it looks like we have the general formalistic outline. We’ll probably have to go to Cohen and that trilogy that amazon bans to color it in.

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