Going back to the beginning via the Farsinet

The founder of this institution was named یعقوب, or Jacob. This is about 700BC. Some people in that dynastic inbred constellation who are alive today give their children the middle name “Nimrod” which, while it might sound funny to you, was a king of ancient Sumer, so in their self-understanding at least they go back even farther than that, and were probably up to their same old tricks then too. This Iranian page calls Jacob an “immigrant” for instance. They used sex-slaves, lamb herds, and wool to pay off interest in those days. I prefer to wear cotton, personally.

The Sasanian Empire which I showed harbored a hidden state existed between 224-651AD, so close to 1000 years after the foundation of the first bank. Was there a hidden state in 700BC too? We mostly only have tablets from that time that detail economic relations, so genealogical inquiry into that particular subject isn’t very possible. If this Persian is right that the bank then was similar to banks now, we might be able to infer that there was a state within a state at that time. 700BC- and it was around 700AD that the final touches were still being put on the Talmud, so lots of time “together” to put together their book, which bankers probably directly or not paid scribes to write.

Something similar in Poland too

Born into debt across an unknown amount of generations. Kind of reminds me of our psychic debt. Except it wasn’t my great-great-grandpa who was doing the whipping. Well, slavery in America was about six generations ago, technically.

I know you probably don’t want to read about banking, and honestly I don’t want to talk about it either, that’s just how the world turns so I’m forced to. I don’t want to be in debt anymore, I don’t want people like me to be in debt anymore, and the ones with the money-printer enforce that psychic debt ultimately. How you pay the debt is through celebrating the vulgarization of culture, and I’m not doing that unless there’s a really good reason, and I don’t see it. The more stones I unturn in fact the more reason I see for why I should have a personal jewish servant fanning me with a fern.

A theme I find is I look up “banking” which seems pretty neutral, no? And I frequently find the word “slavery” for some reason. See here. BC Iran. Banking, slavery, hidden state – all related concepts. That Persian I link to there, drawing from a German book, believes that these Agibis of Jacob were buddies with kings like Cyrus. It’s similar to the mistake of seeing history as the history of ideas. We see history as the history of kings. We don’t think about their “good financial buddies” who, from what I’ve observed in my studies, often are more powerful than the kings themselves. So would it be right to call it Ancient Persia, if it was truly Ancient Judea at the end of the day, “after all accounts are settled”? What do you want to call the USA, the United States of–.

!! the Farsinet, man, one of the best on the web

No one says this stuff

if we believe that history creates identity and that distorting the history of nations makes domination possible, then let us do research and moderate this suffocating atmosphere

Link here.

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