Whatttt this is a scandal

Unfortunately, even after 30 years, what is in our textbooks is still influenced by the sources that the likes of Habib Levy have written for us. Someone who explicitly admits in his diary that I am a fanatical Zionist! 

Levy has a book on the history of Jews in Iran. Introduction- You can trust books we write, goy. That’s the heart of the lie, their treatment of themselves. Everything else follows once that is dissolved.

600 pager so I’m going to rely on this Persian for now (though I’m sure a cynic would find it to be an entertaining read) – this is important for us because it pertains in part to the historiography of the so-called Babylonian captivity, and it goes without saying that, our Jids here probably have a similar interpretation that Levy promulgates

We all know that Cyrus took power by killing his grandfather and marched on Babylon, liberating the Jews from Babylon and allowing them to enter the Orient. Therefore, little by little, they approached the Achaemenid government apparatus.

You don’t hear much about why they stayed when Israel was a place that they could move to. Same in the US today. If it’s such an antisemitic country, I mean…? It’s because they control the government and pretend to have no power. It’s really shady stuff, a lot shadier than any Sicilian mafia. “Jewish space laser” – that’s how they parody people like me who have genuine concern about whether we should be cool with bloodthirsty Talmudists controlling our screens.

Heh something neat I notice about the Farsinet is that numbers are often not 0123456789, they use ugh–it insta-translates when I try to paste

On the Russian and Chinese internets I almost always see 0123456789. A sign about their economic isolation from us. Look how close 1 and 9 are though, can’t be a coincidence. On the future seastead we will discontinue 0123456789 as relics of a time of barbarism. Truly! Neanderthal bankers. The Ancient Egyptian number for 100,000 was a frog. Sounds good to me. Because F. U.

He says that there was a coup

Ancient Rome, Ancient Persia, never hear about this. I’m sure future historians will believe that the election of Biden wasn’t rigged too.

On this claimed coup

this created a general hatred and a social current among the Iranians that needed to be suppressed

And it has been, with all the bannings. Good work you nose niggers.


(77,000 [many Iranians claim it was a lot more]). They celebrate slaughtering their host country still to this day and not even in private! You’re owned! They have a holiday for white genocide pretty much, it’s not just a lowkey thing they do to us, they celebrate a time they did something similar in a less subtle way. They probably read this and smile.

You think this general subject doesn’t concern you at all?! Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War Two, Cold War, Iraq War, it’s all lies, that’s all we’re taught about all of these events which shape our understanding of the world.

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