History is how they program the human robot

This is such a deadly book

It’s only 60 pages too. Translate this into most languages and plant it, and you’re going to cause serious problems in lots of countries.

Hm wutz this

Heidegger’s book on this untimely meditation is untimely itself- I’m going to have to do a post on that one of these days.

Ahh too much to read. Do you like I have that impulse- too much historiography, and then I get the pull to return to the philosophy of historiography

Some days I see zero interesting books, others I find like 10 within 10 minutes and start stressin out

“Untimely meditations” are the domain of the anon.

That Brooks isn’t kidding, at least according to the German wiki. No secondary text on it from a glance at the French one either, nor the Italian. I’m just going through ALL the European countries to see if anyone has written one. They all have a somewhat unique initial interpretation of him. One of the first statements about him according to the Czech wiki is that he was influenced by the Young Hegelians.. yeah I guess? Then some countries have an abundance of hyperlinks which might mean that they have studied him more thoroughly. He influenced a Czech novelist I never heard of- Ladislav Klíma. As much as you can trust the “standard encyclopedia”, the Untimely Meditations is neglected across the board. I’m hoping to find a circus freak interpreter of him in general. I haven’t seen one “dangerous” wiki page on him. Just a gentle mustached man. A Serbian named Михаило Ђурић wrote books on him? Don’t hear that everyday. The Serb page is pretty thorough. Think of this post in context of the previous post. I’m trying to find people who will free him from the reigning mentality. A genius like him deserves someone better than me to try to rehabilitate him, I try anyway. “He wasn’t an antisemite!” Who’s in charge of leveling in our time? Ok then shut your piehole. Besides, yes he was. Greenland doesn’t have a page for him? He might super popular in some random country so I’m just lookin around.


A heeb changing my mind about neech, that would take the cake. The heeb page IS one of the most thorough ones out there (again, if that says much of anything). “Yeah it’s because people who were recently illiterate peasants can’t understand him.” That’s a rude thing to say Mr. Human Rights Jew.

Here’s a weird one – כשמרקס וניטשה נפגשו בכיכר תחריר – there’s surprisingly not much lit on both Marx and Nietzsche.

What is this?

Anyway I guess we’ll have to go with the English book on Untimely Meditations for now. If you’re that much of a nerd and you care about that. The beginnings of the Genealogy are in that one essay in it on history, and returning to my previous post again, if it is a concern to you that so many key historical events have been misinterpreted then said essay will be of importance to you.

This secondary text at a glance

What did that Iranian say, that certain historiography is “suffocating”? Yeah, I’d call that a “disadvantage for life”. So this is exactly the kind of literature we should be trying to understand.

Look how he begins this book

This is ironic looking at our own culture, because Nietzsche in the Untimely Meditations believes the Germans were all too proud of themselves and thought they were philistines, that winning this war didn’t really mean anything in terms of culture.

In the eighteenth century German and Russian aristocrats spoke French as their first language and regarded their native cultures and tongues as provincial and plebeian.

He was at home in the time before the French Revolution. If he knew that the “second French Revolution” would have happened in the 20th century as a result of the telos of the first he probably would’ve stuck with the Germans. We got a “United Europe”, just in the opposite way that he wanted.

This book is turning out to be a genealogy of Nietzsche himself! If wars shape us so much, how much did the Franco-Prussian War shape him? Do people like hearing about this pedantry? I don’t care.

He wasn’t living in an orb outside of time and space either

Our culture desperately needs teachers like this

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