The internet has its upsides and its downsides, and I try to synthesize it with the upsides and downsides of academia. Obviously I’m a book-lover, and at the same time there’s a non-bureaucratic reading of certain books. Is that “fun” for any of us? I doubt it, we all have to suffer.

“So you know what they say?”

There’s no monolith, that’s the point- the “canon” is in disagreement.

“The canon tells us to watch basketball.”

No, that’s just the money-changers who tell you to believe that.

I’m not an academic, I’m only someone who finds beauty in people who wrote and are gone now. When I go for a walk and think about them, I start to think certain ideas.

“Why do you have to make philosophy about you personally?” Because philosophy is something personal. Sometimes when I go for a walk I “think more”.

“We need to kill you for this!” – so says the establishment.

Just going for a walk. Want to have a casual conversation? Phenomenology is the “first science” in my way of seeing reality.

People like me are only made a scapegoat. Phenomenology is the way to understand all of it.

“This isn’t a statement the bureaucratic authority would approve of.”

I haven’t even told you what I thought about on that walk, and you want to put me in a gulag anyway. Maybe you’ll never know?

One of the main meanings of life is to find someone who loves truth and create a being that understands truth beyond either perspective.

Merchants and basketball, they can never admit it.

Women are beautiful to me if they believe in something beyond shekels and braindeath. Is that so difficult? I think it is, why else would I pull a Schopenhauer and wonder what the purpose of living in this environment is. No one cares.

When I go for a walk I wonder whether the standard modern enforced order should exist at all and I determine no because I know of no “brilliant feminists” alive. You’re doing something wrong obviously. All you can do is flatter the state, where is the emancipation in that?? I ask black women this too. “We don’t need to be free!” So you’re a slave. Just one time through the years I’d like to see someone say something that gives me hope that they’re not a slave, and, over and over that is all I ever find.

What is my walk like, you might ask.

I want to learn someone beautiful exists?

Kike Central- “They don’t and you should get used to it.”

Where are beautiful women, is that something that doesn’t exist? And who makes sure that isn’t so and why?

“We don’t need to answer you.”

You’re a kike though, don’t you want to answer for all the injustices I’ve listed?


So you’re a kike.


And that’s the political order.

“Yup, it is a Kike Order.”

I just go for a walk and want to talk to someone who is similar to some of the geniuses I’ve read and you can’t have that.

“Yup, it is a Kike Order.”

How do you justify it?

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