This idea that German and Russian aristocrats spoke French as their first language intrigues me. What led to that? What was it specifically about the French?

Galkovsky’s notion of hegemon-subhegemon probably plays a role

Aristocrats these days speak English, and that really isn’t something to boast of (AHAHA!) While I know it’s overdone to put it this way, I bet you don’t know of a better phrase- this culture is a dumpster fire.

You’re not going to catch me scowling when I see something like this

I like to believe that times were better for some people. And they probably were. Or, at least, my faith in that is the only thing keeping me out of an insane asylum.

Not like “republicanism” is anywhere close to aristocracy, that IS in fact its secret meaning. And the secret meaning of the democratic party is that it’s for the vulgar, dirty, and wretched, so I’m sorry if that ethos is something you can identify with, please just stay away from me, because I do not want to breathe your air, or see you at all for that matter, let alone hear anything you have to say. It’s no fault of my own that these people are so hateable. Might as well be carrying a club on their shoulder and wearing a leopard toga like a caveman. Brutes. And republicans aren’t much different when you get down to it. “One big happy family” of people I want nothing to do with. Both manifestations of demotic subordination. Socratics have thought like this throughout history, they just knew about the hemlock, whereas I happily do swandives into hemlock. There is nothing that is going to change them, they are permanent lowbrows. Certain emotions can be felt in the body, and the kind of people who feel attacked when I say these things I sense experience a bolt of pain going through the area between their neck and chest. Resentment begins with pain, we often forget. Do you feel that? In your chest area? Proles, women, browns, yids, they’re all permanent lowbrows on some level. Typically. (Almost always.) Not like that word has much meaning to people who are like that. They can vaguely sense with their dim awareness what the meaning of it is. And they experience an emotional pain. You’re about as sentient as my desk, and I don’t think my desk hurts when I knock on it, so there is a difference there to be noted. Clenched teeth perhaps? The resentment that rises when they’re reminded what they are has its foundation in pain, there is no doubt. Whites and women too are a sort of “old farm equipment”. Should they be “recycled”? The thought does cross the mind (when one has a mind).

You’re awesome

God’s children, we have to love them.

Just keep playin’ it cool

No worries, this is all a total exaggeration. No reality is being expressed here about the average person’s intelligence. And all of civilization definitely does not conspire to suppress that awareness.

The statement on the right here isn’t a bad way to put it

I think many people need a “god-man” to get beyond the sensible objects level to the lower forms, and even with Jesus the higher forms are inaccessible.

You ever hear a math teacher say that some people simply can’t understand certain types of math? Maybe not in our time they won’t say that. Still, you can probably hear that and nod your head- “I trust you.” This is similar. We’re talking about more ethereal realities than math though so it isn’t as easy to understand. Without religion, many people are just dooming themselves to be somewhere between Images and Sensible Objects. If you’re reading this you probably at least have some idea of the lower forms. And then we have the problem where they’re too blinded and prefer the fire. Hence the need for an intermediary, a “god-man”. It’s like sunglasses. The alternative is blindness, so it’s up to you. Many live in denial that there’s anything beyond the realm of images. The reality is that they’re distant from the Good which those images derive from, thus the Good is fuzzy to them, foggy to them. And this is why people are the opposite of good. Or if you want to think of it aesthetically, that is why they are vulgar. Most people don’t have down syndrome so they don’t have much of an excuse. It’s their own freewill that keeps them in the realm of images, because it’s easy, it’s easy to “let go”. In fact, our culture actively advises people to do just that. It’s because our overlords themselves are distant from the Forms. The rarity of Shamirs says it all. If your people is responsible for this weimarian clownworld and you don’t pull a Shamir then you can’t be said to be very far beyond the lower forms.

None of this is true, it’s all part of your imagination.

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