Another “What is” question you won’t hear about in the academy in any honest way

pointers to a higher concept of culture, to restore the concept of culture

“Who are you to say!” I’m raising the question at all, and I think that alone says something. What do you do, partake in “citizen culture” all day? Very likely.

So, is Larry, Moe, and Curly “culture” to you?

Most people would probably respond “No”.

Many of those same people probably like this show

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Is The Simpsons “culture”?

I think many would feel embarrassed to say “Yes”.

Thus- we tend to have an idea in our minds of what “culture” is, no? It’s just that people don’t often admit it, especially in our ~democratic~ times. Because “Who do you think you are?” Nonetheless, are you going to say that the Three Stooges is high culture? No, you’ll sound like a fool. So what is culture then?

A few years ago there were lots of “that guy” who seemed to derive his entire personality from Family Guy. Do you remember that type? So glad that it’s dissipated. That’s why this question is important. Do you want a culture of people who laugh hysterically at Larry, Moe, and Curly? I don’t think so. And to be honest with you, I think we’re about one step removed from that.

“There’s something relaxing about The Simpsons, just shut up.” Something relaxing huh? Is that what life’s about? I just want to put America itself in the electric chair. Whoops did I say that? Just put the nice sponge on the top of the head… Is Spongebob culture? We can start moving up. Is anything on Netflix culture? “You take that back!” Why, does it offend you to hear that you might watch something similar in kind to the Three Stooges? “I don’t care, nothing matters to me.” I love when you finally admit that. You shameless slob.

Do you feel proud to consoom what a slob would consoom? YOU SLOB?

So apparently “culture” is real and people just deny it.

“Who are you to say raaa!” What do you want, for God Himself to descend from Heaven to tell you?

There’s actually something to be said for that. Without a higher power, higher culture falls away. The relation of secularists to “God” in fact tends to be very similar to the kind of person who enjoys watching the Three Stooges. Imagine that you accidentally caught someone talking about you behind your back. You heard them whisper “What a pig.” Would you be happy if you heard that? The chances are, you are hearing that right now, except I’m not whispering it behind your back. Everything from culture to religion to politics, people tend to strike me as pigs, what can I say. “Yeah and there are so many of us that it doesn’t matter, because we just bind together in denial.”

“What is a group of swine called? You left me with a cliffhanger.” Ask one of your fellow pigs, they might know.

Ahhh! After listening to those grunts and squeals for a minute and a half I almost want to listen to Rachmaninov or something. “Who do you think you are to like to listen to that?” This is the typical attitude isn’t it? Anything “classic” really and you’re branded as “conceited”. Why is this? Doesn’t that necessarily mean that it’s demanded that you be a slob? “Look, it’s not like that.” I think it is. I think it is one or the other, and I think I know which one is “the norm” in our culture.

It’s fine, be a pig. Roll around in filth, because there’s no such thing as “culture” is there, pig?

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