What is this

Pretty much the only history I’d trust.

Ugh a disappointment- it was written by an American.

Chilling to think that the people who could’ve written such books were sent to Siberia without a blanket.

That “mood” is alive and well in the US too.

The next result I see is a 1935 play called “Aristocrats” and guess what it’s about. The gulag. It’s a comedy – is that funny to you?

We haven’t hit this nadir yet at least

The real heroes are the Chekists – “engineers of human souls” who can find an approach to a person so that he is reborn.

Or it’s so bad here that we don’t need a gulag. I think that might even be the case. Engineered to be reborn? They’re born engineered.

I suppose we do have something like this

no horrors really happening there were shown, and in a rather cheerful and light atmosphere, the main characters told about their reincarnation.

All they can do is copy us, and I’m not joking. In my heart I know it’s right.

This is a year after that play was performed

In my heart I know it’s right- better eradicate me then.

Do you want to be in the same ballpark as that “type” whose personality was formed by Family Guy?

Here’s one example we can learn from to avoid that

An episode of journalistic polemics between “literary aristocrats” and “literary concessionaires” is a remarkable phenomenon in Russian intellectual history of the 1830s-1840s… “Literary aristocrats” opposed the mass production of “fakes for art”, which left people without the ennobling influence of genuine highly artistic works of art. The “aristocracy of talents” also considered unacceptable an external way of creating works, in which entertainment prevailed over spirituality. “Literary industrialists” advocated the creation of literature, which is based on the book market and the reader’s demand

It’s mostly the fault of the pig. You can’t blame everything on the “feed”.

As usual, I try to find the most noble artifacts of various times and places. We can use that in our own time and place as building material. Having that attitude of “Who are you to say?” is only going to keep us in this culture of vulgarity in perpetuity.

The dialectic of this article is dreary

accusing the “literary aristocrats” of elitism alien to the interests of the demand

“It’s a pig. Walk away.”

This Untimely Meditations 2ndary explains the cogs in the machine which I speak of

He creates history (and “truth”) artistically through myth, and his operas cultivate because they serve as a vehicle for the transmission of new values and a new nature to the German people.

19th century “nobility”. What do those other dorks do, “fence” each other, go hunting for quail with the “hounds”? That’s not what I’m talking about. Though the ones on my mind may do that on the side. You probably imagine someone snooty who looks at you like the errandboy. Some of them are like that, and they probably would look at us that way. Are they wrong to be snobs? In some cases no, they’re just superior beings that existed in history. If you reject the snobs, you uplift the slobs, simple as. “Yes! We love to do that!” squeal the swine, drooling, grunting, going positively hogwild. Stay in your pen, this is a place you are not supposed to be. I’m not letting you eat your feed off of a silver platter.

People love to be treated like this don’t they

I swear, if this were real life there’d be a pile of strangulation victims by now.

Day after day I try to show you how these people thought, these peaks of humanity. It’s something you want to understand. Sometimes they weren’t “nice” by today’s standards, and they certainly weren’t trivial like today’s mainstreamer. For many they’re impossible to understand due to the factory farm style education we were given when impressionable. This is what I’ve spoken of before as a “shelter”. Leveling is a real thing and you don’t want to be part of that if you don’t have to be. This goes even for black women. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Exactly. Culture is brought down to the lowest of the low, rather than being brought up to the highest of the high. If you’re too squeamish to talk about that then you’re going to be leveled, or remain low. They don’t care if you remain low, our overlords are their own breed of pig. “How dare you talk this way.” Okay, shew, go back to your pen. This is how some aristocrats thought- I don’t claim to be one, I just understand them to some degree. They not only didn’t live among the peasantry, they separated themselves mentally as well. Recall my claim that any “leftist” girl would stab every last one of her friends in the back to marry an aristocrat. This is the true dream of the Marxist. They’re often too resentful to even think clearly about it. “How pretentious you are to talk this way.” Okay slob. My general logic is that if one aims high then one will at least strike higher than if one aimed low. Sounds pretty flawless, right? Most are aiming low and striking low, and seem pretty content with that. Laughing themselves to tears over Larry, Moe, and Curly.

If you don’t feel suffocated by the reigning historiography then there’s a good chance that you have already been suffocated to death and you are a walking corpse- many such cases as they say. That 2ndary text on the Untimely Meditations seems right that it’s a tetralogy

Cultivated philistines- that describes most journalists, academics, and grifters generally. And most of them either directly or indirectly supervise our historiographical understanding of the world and ourselves.

I find myself in the absurd situation of feeling something like a lawyer who has to convince the jury that my client does not in fact owe an INFINITE DEBT. The means to do that is historiography. That or pull out a gun and shoot the judge, knowing he’s rotten to the core and nothing will convince him. And we’ve already concluded that the armed forces would get in the way of that.

Bitcoin people might understand this, because that’s the economic version of historiography. Debt-free currency, debt-free past. Don’t you have a voice inside that tells you “You have to pay!!” For what? They can’t explain without resorting to emotion-based rhetoric with no reasoning behind it, and then know what happens after they give that non-response? You still have to pay your debt. We shouldn’t let that continue, I don’t like suffocating for nothing, call it a hunch. You know those “slobs” I spoke of? This debt in question and slobbery are tied together. That’s a pretty universal way of understanding what’s going on. Do you want to “pay” by turning into a culture of slobs?

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