You don’t spot people “in the wild” in the present day who are like this

If you bring this subject up in a non-academic context and relate it to particulars then you’re in trouble. Yet don’t we want a culture that enhances life?

Which do you think our standard historiography leads to of these?

used by culture to promote human life and activity, or they can be abused and overused by it to trigger spiritual sickness and degeneration.

The majority of the country is betrayed. Pretty much all of the west is made sick from it.

The medical terminology here is appropriate. It’s counter-intuitive hearing that historiography has anything to do with psychiatry

“There’s a cure? There’s a cure?”

Yes, I’m cured of it. The only thing I can’t cure is having to live among people who still have the mental illness. So the cure is also a curse at this stage. Oops, I forgot to mention that side-effect. “This is my life!” We’re in hell together, aren’t we?

“That’s only you, buddy.” So you’re paying the infinite debt that you don’t owe with a smile on your face, okay.

He says that the Ancient Greeks had a similar sickness that they cured

the German historical sickness he diagnoses has arisen on account of the abuse of antiquarian history by historical science.

This isn’t new in history. It’s manifested differently in different times. We need to at least try to take a scientific attitude to ours, we need doctors. It’s institutionalized self-loathing, what do you think? Does it put a smile on your face, “I love to hate myself”? That’s a result of the abuse of historiography. It’s possible to use it properly. This is the real “reset” that we need. It was Moldbug who initiated this line of thought, and I don’t think his hesitation to go to the heart of the problem renders him of much help anymore. Imagine the egregore as a cloud of gnats that surrounds us everywhere we go. The fact that it’s institutionalized is like walking around in a plastic bubble full of gnats that you aren’t allowed to escape. I’m slicing the bubble and climbing out. Grifters might as well be gnats themselves, especially if they’re the kind that run cover for those who legislate the “bubble law”.

It’s amazing that this is true, about something written 150 years ago

The second Untimely Meditation is the most widely read of the four because its argument still sounds untimely to contemporary ears.

It’s not directly applicable though- a lot different situation in 19th century Germany. What is meant by “untimely” in our case? Don’t you kind of sigh when I say the word “holocaustianity”? For some, who are directly paid the “debt” inherent to that, it’s one kind of sigh. For those who pay it, it’s another. For the first it’s a sigh of “I want you to keep paying me.” For the second it’s a sigh of “We NEED to pay though, what are you saying?”

About 27 million Slavs died during the same time. Here is how the wiki presents it

“It’s just wikipedia!!” It reflects public consciousness, does it not? “5.7 million is less than 6 million hur hur hur.” Go look on the Russian internet to see the real number. Recall that these are the same people that the press endlessly dehumanizes. That alone “cures” me, and that’s only one factor of many I’ve cleared away the distortion from. “We still have to be extra-nice to these people… who controlled the slave-trade and blame it on us wait wait I’m confused now.” Are you, because being confused about that cognitive dissonance is the first step toward being cured of all this. “I can’t believe that this all true, and I like my mental illness anyway.” If you click to various of those books I’ve shown you, it’s all extensively documented. You’re being unempirical if you believe you have an infinite debt you owe. It’s brainwasher bankers and doctrinally-exploitative merchants who we are supposed to owe ever-increasing amounts to, both economically and spiritually.

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