Asking the French internet about Aristocratie du XVIIe siècle

It is indeed a question of knowing on what criteria the nobility of the court founds the conscience of its superiority. In other words, what definitions, what ideological arsenal, what representations does the high nobility use to assert its domination and justify its social role?

There must be a pocket of people who want to revive the old times?

Remember, this is about the French aristocracy of the 1600s, not anyone else

Imagine these women being guillotined

Such excess, look at that, off with their heads.

Ancient Hebrews

Another sign of the importance of seniority: the discourse of the aristocrats themselves. The two most frequently used adjectives to praise a family in memories or correspondence are those of famous and old. The first argument used to claim a rank or a place is the seniority of the lineage. 

This is about the French aristocracy.

Some possible studies to look up

I like the cadence of this Frenchman Frédérique, I’m going to have to spend more time on this side of the web. I wonder if certain segments of their population have escaped postmodernism, given that that’s basically its birthplace. “Yeah, we grew up.”

I like to listen to these names on google translate- Henri de Boulainvilliers theorized about “stale blood” – yes, reminds me of someone. You’re offended? How can you be offended if that’s a meaningless concept to you? Staley paleys. It’s like mosquitoes were giving Europeans West Nile Virus and they tried to wipe them out, and instead they swarmed over here.

Don’t worry, we don’t have a people that believes it’s our aristocracy, and no, they don’t believe that their blood gives them a birthright to that, no not at all.

I think in this context of how that mask-offer Slezkine uses the term “thick-skulled peasant” over ten times in The Jewish Century

I’m sure not one of them thinks of us as Ivan.

“We have our favorite salty goy here.” You’re a plutocrat, not an aristocrat, let’s just face it. You can tell by the way people are, how they’ve turned out on your watch, you buffoon. Shameless slobs with your Goldstein brandname right on them.

Look what else turns up in this article on the French aristocracy

In this education, history occupies an essential place, being part of a process of construction of the noble identity. Genealogy is not only a fad for idle courtiers, it is constitutive of the education of a young aristocrat and serves as an identity benchmark.

The difference?

Noble education is traditionally built on the value of exemplarity. The descendants of aristocratic families are believed to be molded by the examples of their illustrious ancestors, whom they must strive to follow. 

Abused!! A history(ography) of suffering that needs to be paid for. (While secretly believing in their own exemplarity).

Speaking of that! Here is another difference between the French aristocracy and Jewish plutocracy

The question of honor is constitutive of the noble ideal and constitutes one of its ideological foundations… nobility is virtue… to advance this equation is to affirm that nobility is moral excellence 

HAHA! Go ahead and lie that you are exemplars of those qualities. Your lies, and own self-deception about those lies, only prove further that in you they are non-existent.

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