A book that purports to be an “Evaluation of Taste”. Something that’s extremely important, and something they don’t like you talking about in this time of ours where relativism is the new absolutism.

What could this be about?

I’m sure this won’t be caste-based at all, because we all know that ~taste is relative~. A “taste expert” is simply impossible, right? They could never be objective as a botanist or a zoologist, even if they studied the subject for decades. Why do you believe that? “Because subjective, and subjective subjective, that’s why!” How could you even make that claim if you had not studied the subject of taste for years? “Listen to me, it’s not possible.” Listen to the expert? Why do you try to act like you’re an expert? Why don’t we ask an actual expert? You know that there are experts on aesthetics, right? “No, it’s subjective.” That just sounds ign’ant, you from farm country er sumpin? Om’a simpull guuurl. How about being a schmoozer of the regime, what kind of taste is that? In my subjective opinion… …

Speaking of the Three Stooges, that’s what I’m watching all the time myself, except it’s in reality. What have we gone through here today? Theology, aesthetics, historiography- what’s stopping you from caring about that kind of stuff? Larry, Moe, what’s the deal?

This writer explicitly refers to “lower taste cultures”

This book is from the 70s so it won’t apply as viscerally as one that uses examples that reflect more contemporary tastes. WWE, remember that? The average person isn’t too far away from that, especially concerning the world of appearances as it pertains to politics. “What do you mean the wrestlers are actors?” Yeah I try to tell you about their script, the directors, producers, etc. and you choose to read off the script yourself and identify with the role, like anyone with lowbrow tastes.

Counter-intuitively, Adorno is further to the right than this writer. He wasn’t so bad in certain ways, even though he is no doubt one of the chiefs of the kagal today. Of course he was in the ground by the time this book was written, and many Westjuden were like him. The living kagal just took what was convenient out of him to adjust to their optimal postwar halb-asien world.

This is funny, this dude would get canceled too just like Adorno if this weren’t written half a century ago

Adorno was from a highbrow culture, that’s why even though he’s one of the most brilliant Marxists they have no reservations about stepping out of their place in the pecking order, we’ll say, and criticizing him. They do this with Heidegger even more virulently, as I’ve noted. You’re a peon next to them, what are you doing? It’s because we are not from that culture that Adorno is. We are from a lowbrow culture. Of course they hate everything from highbrow cultures. I know you’re going to say “Who are you to say” and I’m just telling you what I think, and that is that Adorno is himself something of a middlebrow due to the trauma. No poetry after Auschwitz? Auschwitz calls for poetry, what are you talking about? You must be what Marx called an Itzig if you disagree. And who’s more of an authority? I know “Soviets” must have kept people like me around for this, nah, they probably would’ve impulsively murdered me many years ago. If you want to be objectively lowbrow and not have anyone there to say anything about it, okay.

Eh, that awareness always creeps up on me, that I’m talking to lowbrows who will never understand. That is why I consider myself a zoologist. Okay… you’re acting like someone who hasn’t bothered to put in the time to cultivate themselves… And you think your opinion matters why? Some of us put a lot of study into these questions, and I don’t really think you have a place to speak. This is what many professors would say if they didn’t care that they made their students angry. I don’t care, you can be angry. The Marxist dream isn’t for everyone to have the mindset of a poor person, it’s for all of humanity to be able to enjoy the consciousness of an aristocrat. This is what I’ve written about on the internet for a decade now and most people just hate you because they’re misled by this lowbrow culture. No, the entire point of not being exploited anymore is so you can have the leisure to learn what high culture is. It’s not grunting beliefs that are identical to the corporacracy’s. You call yourself a Marxist? Drop the act. Even the elites are low to middle brow, they are not Marx, they are not Nietzsche, they are not Adorno. There are certain thinkers in the clouds that can attack them, and attack you, and instead you can join them up there and do that.

This 70s writer is so obsolete these days (for those off the reservation) in equating these relativistically

We’re pretty much the lowest of the low in our time.

Is that not a concern of yours?

Then guess what kind of brow you have. Fortunately for you I try to help those who wear leopard togas like a neanderthal. You think I’m exaggerating when I say that? Jids don’t actually try to raise you up, they’re more concerned about the ones whose country they have to live in, it’s more about their hate for them than it is about you. Let’s ALL be not deserving of a country you stupid kikes, what a plan that is. What kind of “brow” is that when you don’t even have your own country? What is that toenail in the Middle East that requires incessant bribery anyway, let me know. Sounds like people we should really listen to. They have great “taste”.

Like this writer above says, there are different cultures in the US. Some of them are lowbrow, so this post won’t mean much to them.

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