Alright, I always talk about “revaluation of values” so I’m going to revaluate that itself. Walking around and talking. That is one way to describe “the beginning”. If bankers control everything then, no one said that? What about them? No one ever said anything about the ones who want to keep you silent. They will continue to shift you into liberals who play right into their scheme. Make an excuse for yourself, you might as well be a corporation to me. “Truth” isn’t the most important thing to me, I’d rather be a jewish slave.

That time I saw someone say they think sportsball is dull and lowbrow. People are banned unless they do just that. It’s only the sign of a doomed caste. You like cheap sports and making monkey off that, I mean money, then what will happen to you as a result? Will you be an orangutan in the zoo? You try to cling to shekel and all of a sudden you are no different from what you were fighting against. Anything so you feel good with being a sell-out. It’s a fact, you are some kind of subordinate being that caters to races that would live in the wilderness if white people didn’t exist. Sell out, that’s all you are. Whites who are jewniggers. That’s all you are. Your soul is sold, hello, you want me to talk to you like a person? Probably not going to happen. You believe in tolerance of retardation. Yes, you do. All you can do is be a shill and call for lobotomies without ever admitting that’s what the powers that be want from you. Your brain is already gone if you want that.

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