Odd, a female reactionary who that Soral publishes. I like her style so far

Someone from France who believes people shouldn’t have sex with children? That’s a good sign. Pro-Palestine. Might be a mischling. Raised Catholic.

Same place that Rousseau was exiled

A story we’ve heard in many other countries now- he is in the court system.

There is even a book that “investigates” him

an intellectual, who would have frequented the avant-garde of the 80s.

Multiplicity, mannn….

Is that Marion Sigaut an actual radical female thinker?

Looking for her takes on the French rev

I see where this might be going…

Who controlled that infamous bread supply that this conflict is known for?

“Unscrupulous people”?

“You can’t blame everything on them!” This is seen as one of the most important events in history, I just want to know what happened. This is a possibly-jiddish woman saying this, I thought the blood aristocracy allows those to say what they want? A Jewess reading this- “Yeah right, I’m the kagal’s slave! I’m so lowly, I’m a stinking sock!”

This can only mean one thing

The first picture I saw of this lady was from a hitpiece- someone had hit her with a “shaving cream bomb”. That’s what she deserves for saying this.

The question everyone is dying to know- do you think the usual suspects had full bellies during the revolution, and that they somehow avoided the guillotine?

This event is another “model” that people tend to glamorize, without looking into marginalized interpretations

Huh, I just learned from a woman, wow.

I’ve made so many women hate my guts because historiography is something they hate too. Abused!! Spot the difference. “We like you being the evil one of history. It gives us power!” Can you just like… send me a picture of yourself bent over with the caption “impregnate me” then let me actually do it? Whoops, I have to watch what I say.

Anyway, getting away from your lustful mind, here is a beginner’s guide on this Marion Sigaut

“How dare you challenge the bankers!”

This is a truly jarring counter-history, at least to me

At least they’re still on google at all

Via Google, you have to wait for approximately the fiftieth link proposed to be directed to conspiratorial pages, such as Kontre Kulture editions by Alain Soral.

Here are lots of French books I never heard of.

Marxists are so confused these days

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