This is one of those ones that amazon bans

You’d never know if he was if he was disappeared. Why care if someone objectively destroys the foundations of your religion?

Everything written within the horizon will probably be seen for what it is 200 years from now. You think “Straussians” will be around then to recognize ketman? Maybe. For the most part, the horizonists will be seen as people of their time.

On amazon it’s almost all books that are responses to him, while none of his main works are shown. Not suspicious whatsoever! Then $93 for one of his tamer ones. A book on him that seems to be favorable toward his ideas is $903. Another of his they allow on there is $318. This will keep most people away. If “unscrupulous people” buy them all up. Books about him by Steinberg and Cohn allowed on there heh. Whatcha hidin’ there? At least they allow his book on Lautreamont to be sold (for $75). I don’t see his one on Rimbaud on there, this is too amusing. Meanwhile, plenty of others are allowed to write about him

Here’s one on him that’s not mentioned on amazon at all

Look on amazon yourself, it’s the height of suspicious.

I just want to see what his allegedly “iconoclastic” book on the poet Rimbaud is about- what gives, mannnn?

One of the only French names that will be remembered in 200 years, that’s hilarious.

Three of his books are here.

Others with some of his essays

Ruh-roh Raggy.

Notice how you feel more existentially engaged when I’m not talking about the French Revolution? That’s important too, it’s just this out of anything makes people the most emotional and unable to reason. One needs a “freezer brain” to even study it with any kind of attempted scientificity in our time. “Untimely Meditations”.

He has an essay on Céline, what a joy. Z-library is helpful for us here. Are you not cool with the idea of “being brainwashed by bankers”? Then Faurisson is the kind of person you might want to read.

Here’s Chomsky in 1989 – respect

He repeats himself- Noam Chomsky, folks

the Faurisson affair is far from “settled,” as you put it; in fact, the issues have yet to be addressed. In fact, they will never be addressed, because they reveal too much about Western intellectual culture.

Faurisson is a threat at the level of Satoshi, and you probably never heard of him, because he’s probably even more of a threat. Every single thought in the west revolves around a belief that he thoroughly destroyed, enjoy having your thoughts, your very life in many cases, based on nothingness. “Who? I’m not going to address this.” Yeah you have a lowbrow, an inferior soul, glad we settled that.

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