Look what I discover on the Farsinet

A French page calls Faurisson “the official historian of Iran”, what an honor.

A heretical mystical experience in our political order

In 1976, he went to the Auschwitz archives and spoke of a “revelation”. 

Before he got into this dangerous territory he wrote a study on how Lautréamont is a literary trickery, something I’d like to know more about, if I could find that book of his…

A lecturer in 20th century literature, his specialty was document criticism.

You don’t want some of these experts applying their skills to certain “humanities disciplines”. Translated from the French, his book is titled Have we read Lautréamont?

I suddenly think a lot more highly of Chomsky than I did

Similar to this idea of “god-man as pedagogical technique”, people really only understand certain things if distinguished public figures express that they believe X or Y. So that’s pretty profound that Chomsky would defend Faurisson.

Look who’s another one of his pals

It’s so sad that they confiscated that Shahak book, I’m still not over that.

They collab’d in other ways

This here is like a proto-wikileaks.

Anyway, lots and lots of Faurisson’s writings here.

Robert Faurisson is Europe’s foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar. 

The mystery of the 21st century, and this is the prime detective. He advised that Carlo Mattogno on his first book. Now he has 25 books banned. Sherlock and Watson. Yet another idea for a movie. Real mystery thriller! “It’s not a mystery, we already know that we know the facts.” So why would Chomsky say what he did?

Another one who’s involved in this discipline – this sounds fun, like an adventure

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