This expert, Leuchter, who specialized in designing and manufacturing execution technologies in the US for states with the death penalty, brought gifts for the museum employees to butter them up into letting them access documents

Everyone knew that if we were caught red-handed, the Polish government would disapprove of our activity and purpose, especially the taking of forensic samples from national shrines and monuments [as the Auschwitz camp is still considered].

Indiana Jones here

“What does he mean alleged gas chamber?”

This guy designed gas chambers. They’ve been in use in the US since the 1920s, and still remain legal in three states.

This is so enviable. Make a video game of this please

This book contains writings by both Leuchter and Faurisson.

A dense one like this condensed into a video game would be killer

Leuchter again – better than any Clancy novel

I don’t know of a gesamtkunstwerk on this genre. Figuratively speaking, we’re talking about the very top of the brain. So I imagine art based on it would be enthralling to say the least.

This is an expert on gas execution facilities

The results published in the Leuchter Report are the thing that matters. I categorically affirm that none of the premises examined in Auschwitz, Birkenau or Lublin could have allowed, or actually permitted, multiple executions using hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide – or any other lethal gas – either in theory or in fact. Even assuming very large margins relating to the maximum use of the alleged gas chambers, up to hypothesizing 1693 victims per week, and assuming that these premises could allow for executions by gas, it would have taken sixty-eight (68) years to kill the alleged number of 6 million people.

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