Something that surprised me is when I saw Mattogno in the secondary book on Faurisson say that he disagreed with him in several ways. We think of “revisionism” as a monolith that’s all in agreement. No, they revise each other too. “Nothing can revise Schindler’s List, that movie is perfection.” This is the way that people are in a pre-scientific mode of understanding. I’m almost certain that Spielberg was himself when he directed that. Released in 1993- do you know what else was released in that year?

this improved “Leuchter Report,” my own expert report called The Rudolf Report, was first published in German in 1993 and in English ten years later.

This revision is by this heretic

“Sacrifices for knowledge” is how I think of these types. Look at that face of his, he’s a troll. Shouldn’t be imprisoned for that.

The Leuchter Report was published in 1988, and it was the first study of its kind. That’s how new this discipline is. Do they have the facts right yet? Have you gotten around to one of those 1000 pagers yet to find out? “No, because I don’t want Rudolf’s fate.” Why, you wouldn’t like being hunted? If you’re a fan of the Untimely Meditations and On the Genealogy of Morals then this will be of direct interest to you. I’m not sure that people will even be able to accept it when I say that this is a field of scholarship. Go ahead and refute them, some are professional engineers who are politically liberal and have no interest in Nazism whatsoever. There are even Jewish revisionists in this field. The most important event of the 20th and 21st century, and most are content with the Schindler’s List telling of the events. Do you happen to enjoy watching WWE too?

People talk about “suffering that goes into books” – how about this kind?

You took away a man’s ability to build gas chambers and electric chairs?

People with a morbid sense of humor in general would be interested in this style of revisionism if it didn’t get them in trouble. It’s kind of just “dude’s bein’ dudes” in a way, I bet most males are not that allergic to jokes and enlightenment about this “tragic event”. Then again, who knows, trillions of dollars have been conditioning their very personalities all their lives. Most people in general do relate to the shoah like a sensitive old lady. “Brads” find all this funny, that’s why they want to kill Brads.

This Leuchter is a hero though, for jumping the fence, smuggling, bribing, to get that information. What does one do with “execution technology” knowledge outside the execution technology industry? He probably found a way to thrive, I like to hope.

Here’s the one who made a documentary about him. What do you think, do you trust Talmudists?

Looks like a kike I wouldn’t mind putting in a gas chamber, in fact. So sad, a people that wants you watching your grandchild’s niggerball game.

Apparently it wasn’t just some guy who did these reports

So this Medieval executioner type has survived into the modern day apparently

Leuchter, ironically, even says himself that the cabal tried to “execute” him.

Honestly, I started looking into this with lots of skepticism, and it’s rapidly dissipating the more I read

This is how that hunted Rudolf describes the discipline

scientific studies covering physical, chemical, toxicological, and engineering questions, as well as detailed historical documentations, are not the kind of publications that attract the masses. They are simply not easy to digest.

I thought I “lost my religion” before reading these kinds of books, and I’m losing it even more now. All a hoax? All our lives?

It’s real- Leuchter is mentioned 116 times in this book

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