I even have this juggle within myself, should I talk to the aristos or talk to the demos? Depending on which one you are prefer one or the other. I think you can expect which one I prefer. Everyone should prefer that apparently. We love the demos, don’t we? Why wouldn’t we? I can’t imagine one possible reason at all. This is rightly called Kabbalah when you talk like this. Believe it or not, one of the studies I’d like to find somewhere, and its non-existence has bothered me for a year or so, is one on priestcraft. We have both a white esotericisim and a jewish esotericism. Who do you think this post is for? I’m not talking to the demos here. If you find that you contain the demos in your heart and you are jewish, then maybe you’ve understood my meaning finally. Being candid with you, hermeneutics is one of my favorite ways of looking at the world. The attempted Science of Interpretation itself. So, when I read many things I can tell they have never tried to interpret themselves. It’s a phenomenological question when I say Hello Mr. Proud Jew. This kind of Jew has a secret response of “You don’t have the right to speak, goyim.” Can they justify that? It’s really just a casual question. What do you think the meaning of life is? If the most wise of the kagal were to respond to me and tell me the meaning of life then I’d probably respect Jews more. Yevri. Not a Jid. Yevri. “That’s right, I’m perfect.” So why do I have to speak for you here? Mr. Jew, you have some explaining to do.

Try to see beyond the fact that I’m a sort of Christian who is also secular and loves beautiful insights.

“The demos is the only thing that exists”

“”No response to this could talk about the fact that those reading it are confined to the demotic order.”

“Why can’t you just say something normal for once?””

That is normal, I’m remarking on the state of the world, and you will get in trouble for that. Being normal means not remarking on the state of the world.

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