Not even sci-fi

It is a safe gamble that the pattern of human sin developed on Earth will be borne to every new world we earthlings settle. Perhaps, we need a new theological category: interplanetary sin transfer.

Leaving here with our racial guilt would be like taking out a loan from Goldman Sachs to buy the spaceship we use to exit.

Ugh, this first chapter I’m reading is written from a non-moon perspective, so cringe. Progs should not have a hand in any of this, at all. This one speculating about CRISPR doesn’t realize that CRISPR should be used to enhance their very personality. Carpets upon which coarse feet should not tread.

Someone might want to look into the Springer publishing house. They have pretty much a monopoly on this sort of book in my experience. Futurism written about by progs, eh I guess I’ll take it. This book is still a great symptom, because it’s a bridge for the progs to reflect on these ideas in a diluted form. All the implications involved with evolving into a new species make anyone who speaks of it seem truly evil. One might as well already be a cross between the old and new species to talk about this directly.

You can say this about anyone, not just astronauts

Fewer alarms are set off when you speak of this subject in the context of their exceptional situation.

Do you notice how you’re not reading sci-fi right now? Something uncanny about that.

Again, the implications of all this which I’ve gone into detail on might prevent you from reading this post clearly, so you might be better off reading the book made for progs on the matter, that keeps the implications hidden. Unless it’s too late, and now that you know, you hate everything about it.

It’s so nice to see someone say this in such a serious way

Both human bioenhancement and human activities in space are two great projects of our species for this millennium.

This chapter is about the “often-hysterical opposition” to these advances. Only a type of evolved being would write a chapter about that. Posthumanism is already here to some degree. This is another type of bridge than the one mentioned- humans that exist between both worlds.

Ha this explains so many people

like any other delay-type argument, just a cop-out for avoiding responsibility which resolves nothing of substance.

I feel like I’m talking with someone from the future with this Ćirković.

An alien bro who’s fighting these worthless apes

“Cartel” yes, extended crime family with unrelated minions that do its bidding. Chimps without fur, time to liquidate them.

Heh yeah it’s no surprise they put him near the end of the book. Not for the demos. Still, a very “safe” chapter at the end of the day. Plenty of forums of anons attack the cartel more directly than him, it’s just none of them ever talk about the true reason why the cartel needs to be attacked, and that is posthumanism. You never see the two types of people formed into one person. All the frivolous rightists who never talk about the ubermensch. Never even attack the cartel, only its surface appearances. A realpolitikal book on posthumanism I’d like to find, and know I won’t. Because no “bridges” exist. Only fragments and “boards” for a bridge, no Total Critique.

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