I have a specific memory when I was in elementary school

I was in a hallway, thinking about lunch. At the same time, I was thinking about Anne Frank. Anyone else have something like this? I think we were so young when they taught us this we can’t remember the exact details.

What I do know is that I emerged thinking “Anne Frank was important.”

You might get the sense that this book is “special”. Which is to say, it cannot be questioned. Many Jewesses alive today look very much like Anne Frank so I can’t expect them to have much objectivity. “You’d kill me?” It depends on if you’re a Talmudist. Everything about the holocaust centers around the fact that a certain people was formed through teachings in a book that calls for extermination of the host population. So what does antisemitism mean then? We are only living in a new order where they are trying to exterminate us in a new way. You have to live in countries that aren’t your own, you have no grounds to tell others what to do. “What about the gas chambers, what about Anne Frank?” Can you respond to the ones who put those in question? If you can answer them in a convincing way then we won’t have this debacle. And since you can’t, here we are. What is it about female jews that they can’t stand any criticism? They must take after the male jews. On the other hand, the euros are too far in the direction of “wanting to learn”. Whether we’re talking about german or jew, their type in the future seems to be doomed if they don’t do anything about it. Constant justification of the contemporary belief-system and never questioning the foundations of the chambers or the diary, that’s what leads you to being a lobotomite in the next generation. “Who cares if I’m more of a moron than I am now in the future?” – that is your basic argument. Do I even have to respond? You are going to be even more or a moron than you are now in the future.

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