Who isn’t part of the conspiracy to turn whites into basketball niggas? If you’re involved with that you’re already a nigger. What was the point in talking to you, nigger? Can’t even address that’s what you believe, that people should be braindead niggers like you. Lots of reason to even speak to someone who believes in “crypto-baboonification”. You already are a baboon you nigger. Your skin is white, that’s it, you’re a bankers’ bitch who has no control. “White people need to be apes.” You can’t even explain that. You are a type of ape with no consciousness. Someone to be made into burgers. You nigger. You have white skin? You are a nigger. Say something profound for once instead of agreeing with everything the corporations have to say. You can’t do that because you’re a nigger with no consciousness. An object with no free will. What is your “thought” on the concept of lobotomy? I bet you don’t have one, nigger. A subhuman who pretends to be an equal in European society. Haha you stupid nigger. Every word you say I can smell that you’re one with the animals. We take you out of the jungles and teach you English and this is the way you behave. Looks like a nigger to me. An ape who should be in a zoo and instead has wifi access. The burden of proof is on you why you shouldn’t be considered a nigger, whether you’re white or black. Such a harmless word, hopefully you don’t identify with it. “Merchants and brainless jungle apes.” That’s really you… What other word do you want me to call you? You’re a nigger. Put that on your gravestone and nothing else. “NIGGER”. It’s so true. Prove me wrong and respond to this post without seeming like a nigger, it’s impossible for you worthless nigger. Objective fact that you’re racial garbage defending others like you who haven’t ever had one creative thought in their brain all their lives. What else do you think we mean by that word? All your soul is subordinate to capital, you’re a slave nigger with no creativity or independence and you’re fine with that, might as well tattoo it on your forehead- “Nigger”. And you’re such a nigger you can only seek revenge against people who tell you what you are, really proving that that is what you are. What’s the word, say it to yourself. Is that who you want to be?

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