What Han Song says of the sci fi genre

It is a barometer of the modernization of this country, an expression of the ambition of the rise of a great power

Earlier I was going to show you something I saw on the Korean internet from a prof. He started an article by saying that science and technology are extremely important. You don’t see that in the west, it’s implicit here. Everyone already knows that, it’s too obvious to say. Recall this post for more on this idea of Asians having a naivete we can learn from.

Seeing what Han Song is about since he’s often shipped with Liu Cixin

There are also people who worry about whether the progress of science fiction in China will be interrupted again as it has happened repeatedly in history.

My initial interpretation of this was to think “How backward they are if they have to worry about that” then I remember that I don’t know of any non-PC CRISPR novel in English. A barometer of the modernization of this country indeed.

I wonder why this one shipped with Liu Cixin isn’t known here

For example, in “2066 Westward Journey”, there is a backward, blocked, and scuffled America. The female president who tried to carry out reform and opening up ended up being tied up and sentenced hastily, and was executed amidst the slogans of the masses. The U.S. ended up in chaos until it used nuclear bombs in the civil war and finally attracted the United Nations forces headed by China.

Some of his works have been described as “subversive horror” – ever heard of that genre? The CCP has banned most of his books for being “too dark”. Not seeing much on amazon or z-library.

Han’s prolific body of work deals largely with the clash between the U.S. and the Middle Kingdom.

Possible futures

His narratives insinuate that China’s modernization could unleash armageddon.

This is the first novelist I’ve found like this

One of the recurring themes of his works is the rise and possible supremacy of China against the West.

Speaking of oracles.


This is a book from 2000, the one above titled 2066. It must be an entire genre over there. Fiction about China and America as Hegemon-Subhegemon.

This is probably a pretty typical horizon they think from if I had to guess

In Han Song’s vision of the future, America represents the Confucian concept of 乱 luan ‘chaos, confusion, disorder’, and China represents 治 zhi ‘to manage, control’.

Liu Cixin called him the pinnacle of Chinese sci fi? And he’s not translated yet?

Here’s one of his stories

Insta-translate doesn’t seem that clunky. I wonder if he makes Xi smile.

Wincing when I see a professional translation after reading an insta-translated one. Same idea gets across, just less eloquent.

He says he talked about his ideas of China taking over the world in the US a couple decades ago and people laughed at him.

In this 2066 book from 2000… terrorists attack and destroy the world trade center. “I’m a psychic.”

His friend in this book

has a bionic kangaroo tail that his father grafted on [which] contains the complete history of America. People can plug in to the tail to relive the glory days of America and once more have a sense of pride and identity.

Symbolically true, probably. He’s afraid the government or UN wants it.

He was off by a couple decades with this one

I found this type of genre among the russkies, I didn’t think to see if the Chinese had anything like this. Counter-histories like this are just a fantasy from Russia- from China it’s a lot more realistic.

Han Song also provides notes of central government meetings. During these meetings, the top government officials attempt to manage the chaos that followed the disaster… but the focus lies on helping America. America continually rebuffs the attempts of the Chinese government.

I want to find something more recent, they must have really built on this genre since this was published.

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