The Chinese also have what the Russians call элитология, elitology (精英研究)

Just a coincidence that this is one of the results

Can probably tell us a lot about ourselves in multiple regards

I feel seen

Me watching them watching me watching them – any princelings reading this?


China’s global ambitions are no secret. Its goal is to integrate Eurasia into China’s economic sector under the trillion-dollar “One Belt, One Road” initiative, and use its 5G broadband advantages to lead the fourth industrial revolution.

This is why we need to find near-future fiction on this

The world has never seen a global breakthrough like China. It will change the lives of every inhabitant of this planet, including Americans.

Some things you find on the Sinonet make it seem so sad

Not just the elites, all of the kagal’s baizuo are described in this article.

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