A Platonist’s take on elitology

the elitology of history deciphers the secret codes of the activities of the political elite

From Russia with love of course, since this is a logos that you’re not going to see studied in the west proper.

Google элитология yourself, there’s so much on this subject I don’t even know where to start.

A “Platonist’s take on elitology” is just redundant- I meant that that article is more in the spirit of Plato than usual.

What plebs we are to not have this discipline. We’re so vulnerable without it.

The one who controls the meanings controls the time… It is the elites who most often determine the parameters of the good

The elites aren’t going to voluntarily say, “Hey, study ME. Here’s a grant to study me as a lab experiment.”

The Russians have Journals devoted to this

The political history of the elites testifies to their falsification of their elite essence, resulting from the fatal mismatch of form (elite status) and content (elite personal dignity).

This is one of those true “maximum abstraction” disciplines.

What could he have meant by this?

Female scholars in English on this subject, what a dream that would be.

A synchronicity in light of the previous post about China

The “decline” of some elites and the “rise” of others is the most striking event in the change of the chronotope. 

What if there was a book on this specific subject itself!? Perfect.

I’m so happy I found this formal discipline, because this is what I’ve been up to, and it’s been frustrating that English books on Plato and Nietzsche never really mention anything like this.

“Whites” hate to admit that Russians are Europeans. They are – haha (taunting you).

These castes are almost one, yet you can disentangle them if you try

The knowledge elite (meritocracy) is qualitatively different in its way of life from the blood elite (aristocracy) and the wealth elite (oligarchy).

Elites that don’t study themselves are no elites at all. In Soviet America, American study you.

Г.К. Ашин is the founder of the discipline

Not a shocker. The elite doesn’t study itself because it likes itself too much.

Intrissting, who’s this – I bet you can guess which caste NRx, frogs, Dugin are

Something else you won’t see published in English. Yale, the CIA, DARPA, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc.- those are just drivers. Like that Chinaman from my previous post put it, our “elites” are in a collective irrationality.

Looking for HTMLs of the superelite Ashin and mostly finding 2ndary material

Russia appears to have a genuine form of Platonism at its highest levels – well whatever keeps them off the extremist list at least, and that’s still a step above us.

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