Smirking reading this, wanting to show you some of the points made there, and knowing it’s for masons only. People simply can’t deal with Plato. Talmudists see eye to eye with masons in this sense, they just disagree about “relative universalism”. Pure universalism is equalism so you might expect I have problems with that. This is such an awkward subject really, because the rabble isn’t even supposed to be around. Some goyim are not “stupid Ivans”. The esoteric side of the Jewess is filing her nails thinking “you sure about that?” Who are you to talk, you were illiterate until less than a century ago? “Trust the rabbis” is the mood, feminism does not really exist at the highest levels and they are fine with that. Then again I’ve heard that Jewish women wear the pants in the relationship, and I don’t want to know the details about that one. Are Jewish men slaves of woman too? I think we finally got to the final phase of formalism.

Being “serious now”, the thing about the link above is that it won’t enrage the casual reader because they won’t understand the implications of it. If someone like me posts it then they’re going to understand the implications. And they’ll fly off into rationalizations. There’s something secret about it that most will only understand the surface of and think they understand all of. No, bioleninists are incapable of understanding.

I’ll put it this way- pretty much only God can understand Plato without making some kind of excuse. If you really get into the fine details of his thinking then you’re going to feel very finite. This is why Christianity took off when his philosophy was right there, because he is not a soothing person. Only the lizards like him. And the ones who force him into a progressive worldview (which is most often the case) can’t be said to like him. I honestly think Nietzsche himself was driven by ressentiment because he couldn’t be Plato. A silver soul. “What that make YOU then?” What’s that make you?

If we want a responsible government then we have to talk about these things the rabble hates hearing. When you stop caring about bureaucracy altogether, this is the most fun type of discourse in my opinion. Maybe the shadow gov talks like this? Or maybe they were indoctrinated in elite institutions like many others? It’s fun to me to stop pretending that many people don’t strongly resemble animals who speak english. It’s a sweet relief, I dare you to try it. “I prefer to not remember that.” That’s an animal thing to do in my opinion. Just discussing the foundation of philosophy here, nothing too important. Probably doesn’t matter if people don’t talk about the fine details of that, right? “Listen, Ivan.” I will violate secrecy regulations because I think most people today were educated with pure exotericism. I don’t see why you have the authority to tell me to be quiet, you seem ignorant. Are you sure you only pretend to be an animal? Incestuous, nepotistic non-dialecticism for too many years can turn someone into what they hate. “We hate YOU Ivan, we want to destroy your culture, that’s the end of the story.” Why is it, could you formulate that explicitly? Do I always have to talk for you like you’re a puppet on my hand? Ah the regulations, the TOS, the protocols one might call them, can’t violate those. Who’s freer in this equation, the kagal can’t even talk like I do, I’m even freer than them. Just talking to you about Plato. You try to bury the Athens versus Jerusalem debate and that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t continue to exist. One half of the brain you relegate to obsolescence and then you wonder why you’re such a sloppy thinker that you have to survive through totalitarian levels of censorship. Read that link, and if you start feeling hateful maybe consider that you shouldn’t be in charge of things.

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