How will you market your brand as a sell-out? That’s up to you. You missed the point if you decide to “market” yourself at all. If you have survived on social media the last few months it only means that you’re a good pet servant. You are MSM. They only eliminated people who were opposed to the MSM so how do you remain? “I knew how to be sneaky.” Are you sure you aren’t just a dirty person? The only ones who follow PC rules have some kind of dirtiness about them. Being a subordinate of the world for personal interest pretty much. “Nothing you say matters, I’m already part of the NWO of lobotomy.” I can tell, everything you say you seem like someone with a mental handicap. “Nothing matters, we’re all going to die” – no, everything matters because we’re going to die. “The Chinese controlling us” – you think that matters to the finance-caste? They will continue to be elites among the Chinese, while the good-for-nothing European who created civilization will be hidden while the brutes stomp around the earth. I send another message to China to avoid the repeat of the Opium War. These same ones are still in control, it isn’t a “conspiracy”. They will want you braindead, that is their essential goal. Please try to avoid that my Confucian friends.

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