This is a visceral way to put it

Do you want to live in that world? All the embodiments of decadence that air their walnut brain beliefs are leading us to just that. Eventually even the state ideology of Israel will have “Made in China” written on it. The Chinese will be setting the tone, they will be controlling the meaning of “political correctness”. Do you trust that in their hands? The only way to avoid that is to purge the institutions of those who are leading us to the second world. We live under the sway of an egregore that is destined to bring us to doom. You want to save the browns, you can’t even save yourselves.

Saw this randomly, so true

If they even took one. So many meaningless opinions out there.

If we recall the Indian-Singaporean diplomat and theorist Mahbubani’s enthusiasm for China’s ascent and the West’s descent we might expect to find near-future fiction on the subject in question not only in Mandarin. “Duginists” from all countries who are geopolitically aware of this shifting hegemon-subhegemon dynamic will be admiring China and some will likely be trying to peer into the future and writing about a world where the US is not numbah one. Possibly MENA countries given that “we” have been vicious to them most of all. Anyone who can topple the planetary tyrant will be looked upon favorably by those who haven’t appreciated its influence.

The futurist Han Song was imagining this new power dynamic as early as 1998, and he is very popular in China, so we can expect this “oracular genre” to be most advanced there. I just don’t discount the possibility it can be found in other countries.

I’m mostly finding nonfiction in Mandarin so far and even that is revealing of what is ahead – this is from an Indian

Use the things of the Silk Road to make the whole world a market for their products. I still remember the British during the colonial period. They destroyed the local industry and forced the colonies to buy British things at very high prices.

Remember how Soros and Podesta gathered experts together to “game” election scenarios? It’s something similar I’m after here. Trying to determine the most probable possibilities of what is to unfold.

If you can anticipate it in advance then you won’t be swept away by it. Looking at the west of today, there’s virtually zero immunities to “Judaism”, and I expect it will be similar with “Confucianism” – and both worldviews are discordant with the way white people are. Oriental Despotisms, me no likey, me no love long time.

On the other hand, who will really be sad when this is eclipsed?

If you bless them you’re cursed – nothing truer than that. Are you you anymore or you a mime, an actor? Might as well be in one of their movies.

Doesn’t matter how hot you are, still a clown to me

You’re going to be an actress for the Chinese pretty soon. What do you think hegemon-subhegemon means? And the Chinese are even less hesitant to “remove” those who don’t fall in line.

This is a view of the future

How pliable and easily exploitable Americans tend to be though when you look at them today- this is a dimension to it I strongly expect as well

Or whatever you want to label the ideology that entails a blood aristocracy of princelings owning pretty much everything and being able to have detractors shot or jailed without trial. Or to put it in a way that the wee prog piggies will understand- Chairman Xi is the closest living person to Hitler today. Or wait, that’s the kagal (for now).

Breeding like wabbits, alchemical phronesis pertaining to economic monopoly, white people went wrong somewhere down the line, and we should learn from these two hegemons.

Another scenario

Let us see what happened in the past. History tells us that before a new overlord appears, there will be a big battle. In other words, it is a country and a major threat to the current superpower.

Don’t fall for this trick

They’ll slit our throat at the first opportunity, they’re just not ready yet. Different species of murderous apes in the wilderness surrounded by niceties, that’s all it is.

I doubt that we have meticulous psychological studies on this

Xi’s “Chinese Dream” which is standard state policy is explicitly based on the sweating night terror that was the Opium War. This isn’t something that just dissipated all of a sudden.

I’m sure there’s no revenge dwelling in their hearts!

Google shows me results for “British”, “Scots” being behind this. Right… Oh yeah, I still have to do a post on the Crusades don’t I. I thought Mel Gibson was exaggerating when he said they’re responsible for all the wars in the world. No, not all. Many, in unexpected ways, that they try to keep hidden. If there’s a war in the future wouldn’t you appreciate knowing the facts of previous wars? Or if you wanted to prevent a future war wouldn’t it be helpful to know?

It’s always so rosy the way “Sinofuturism” is portrayed in the west. Why is that? Progs with weak nerves doing the portraying? Probably.

This is a symbol more than anything

Eventually you will see something akin to this in the arts. Most of our sciences and arts revolve around inflating our destructive egregore. The Chinese are going to administer over a wasteland of botched miscreations who believe in nothing. And they’ll likely give them something to believe. It’s not going to be reminiscent of the high culture of old Europe.

How’s this make you feel?

All the neglect of the US for the sake of Israel will have been in vain.

Anyway, this is where I am now

This is a new subject of literature. It’s exciting for that reason alone. Plus, the idea of the US getting womped is something some of us find sickly amusing. All these “apocalypse” movies they produce and none about the real one on the horizon. They haven’t even translated this Chinaman yet.

So many people there, thus so much to sort through to find the right one I’m looking for

The idea of the central government of China trying to help the US after it collapses, the one from Han Song’s novel – that’s real intense futurism. How about something published like 2019? And to add an irritating level to this- consider that his works are banned in China, so we can expect those similar to be too. Where’s my Oracle of 华? What the, this random article I’m reading just used that term, 神谕, in this context also.

This is cool

Abstract Fiction research is a current international topic. However, the research of fiction theory is generally guided by Western concepts, using theories such as imitation, realism, naturalism, and postmodernism, and basically does not care about non-Western fiction theories… Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a conceptual exploration of Chinese classical novels from a comparative perspective and examine its philosophical and aesthetic foundations.

Plato’s horizon

That’s another question. Even if I do find the perfect novel that realistically anticipates what the year 2066 will be like, how do I know I even understand it from a Chinese perspective? Thus this more abstract avenue is necessary to pursue too. Who else talks about these hegemons? And tries to shelter against and prepare people for them? The west is so helpless. No one is helping it. Halb-Asia and Asia prey and are going to prey on it and no one does anything about it. Mud-advocacy might as well directly be China-advocacy. Too sensitive to read that statement? Enjoy a new form of oriental despotism then. Or your kids will at least.

After lots of digging I find this novel – written by an American though. How about a Chinese one inspired by that?

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