Looking at reviews of that book on the Sinonet

The highest ranking admiral of the navy called it a shocking blueprint that the military needs to read. That Lieutenant General McMaster who debated Mahbubani praised it as well.

This Chinaman is a cynic, I love it

These two places have always been the ideological fronts opened by the conservative forces in the United States. To put it bluntly, these are two “Xue Fucheng”-style imperial literati who are just creating public opinion for the adjustment of the US military and diplomacy.

The authors are senior defense security researchers. “That’s not sci fi, that’s propaganda.” Probably many cases of that we’re not aware of. I mean, if the guys above endorsed it there must be some reality contained in it though.

I’m looking for artistic depictions of a possible world where that war has already been won by the Chinese. I baidu’d “novels about Baizuo”, “novels about the collapse of the US”, etc. and didn’t find much.

One of those authors worked for Wall Street heh. “Art” to persuade people to fund new military gizmos.

ultimately suffered a disastrous defeat. The United States can only rely on a reserve fleet with outdated equipment.

Glancing at google reviews, there’s no trace of this cynicism that’s among the first results on the Sinonet. Do I even have to say that the defense of Israel is probably indirectly involved here? You know how true that is, and how it’s just as true that one couldn’t expect to find a mention of that on google. You a bettin’ man?

There’s no “Hello darkness my old friend” to Jews like thought of the Pale

I only wish there was art that depicted that. History is too buried for that to exist. “Choinskian paintings.” Pff I don’t even see Choinskian memes.

Anyway I might have to go ahead and read that novel as Zionist propaganda. Ctrl+f shows me “Israel” is not mentioned in the book, even though that’s what it’s allllllllll about. Mentions of Middle Eastern countries though. Invisible power is a thing of genius.

Trotting out new military technology in a way the ordinary citizen can understand

(To be used against Syrians.)

Convenient links in the endnotes

Military-Industrial product catalogue in engrossing novelistic form.

Found out!

Dudes bein’ dudes love military tech, and they exploit that.

I wonder how many Chinese read it Zionologically

Swing n a miss

It was published by China National Defense Science and Technology Information Center – I wonder if (how much) they edited it.

This is a real threat though, I’ll give those Wall Streeters that

They don’t have to resort to that, because America is destroying itself just fine.

This book is highly interesting for gesamtkunstwerk reasons

Think it’s all “neutral” entertainment?

Its new model of “useful fiction” has been endorsed by a unique group that ranges from the head of the US Navy to the writer of HBO Game of Thrones and the producer of Hunger Games.

Sympathizing with the protagonists only reinforces one’s identity as a Baizuo, Zionist, “good citizen”, etc.

Remember this post on Biden’s China connection – this novel ostensibly about China is more about another country I won’t mention.

Chinese are funny

“Ghost Fleet” successfully provoked the Pentagon’s demons.

Think tank publications, who reads that lifeless monotony? It’s brilliant that they novelized this.

The power of art

People hate reading that Plato/elitology article I posted yesterday, and they love to read novels like this. When the reality is that there are Plato-like elites behind-the-scenes of such novels. If you want to be tossed to and fro by them like a plastic bag in the wind that’s you- there are ways of understanding them scientifically and cultivating personal sovereignty.

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