This shouldn’t make me laugh

They can watch your every move if you so much as post about this

If the algorithm determines that you have “poor social credit” then when someone calls your phone an automated voice tells them you’re a bad person before letting you talk. Talk about a thoughtkiller.

Thus we have isolated yet another type of book whose non-existence is exceedingly bizarre. Or at least it’s bizarre that it’s so difficult to find. Humanity is asleep, is my recurrent conclusion.

They have a general concept for it at least- 未来小说 (future novel).

Here is someone who it is claimed “shows the future with history” – look how casual they are over there about the ideological nature of history, this is very Confucian

There must be something about Christianity that is inherently deceptive, and that’s how we get PC culture and the tendency to never be ironic about “Official History”. Those chambers are a fact, Jack. Why do you miss your banned friend and still not concern yourself with the root of why he is banned – Faurisson. Thee most banned person in the west? Perhaps. There’s Watson (Mattogno) too.

So you’d think that the CCP would promote the idea of writing fiction that portrays them pummeling the west in the future?

“Thanks for the idea.” I feel like I’m voluntarily pulling a Chinese boot down on my face now.

We can use it as a warning, Americans should’ve been writing these. First and only sign I’ve seen of this genre is that Han Song.

This is what the CIA and Department of Homeland Security should be looking for! Leave all these many projects to me alone though.

Think of yesterday’s distinction between drivers, mechanics, and engineers.

They were educated to be drivers, no different than Chinese

Why do you maintain a good social credit score and avoid talking about the Great Firewall anyway Mr. Chinaman?

People love their romance. Returning to that Ghost Fleet book I expected it to have some element of that, and yup, to the surprise of no one. How to sell military tech 101. Just describing how people are

Think of how far removed this concept is from that Plato/elitology article. Nonetheless, the ideas in that article can be invisibly present in such fiction, especially if state entities have a role in ordering it to be written.

Wells [was] keenly aware that he is writing a new form of novel… The previous fantasy travels were based on the “new philosophy” of Copernicus’s astronomy, which has been significantly different from the fantasy images of ancient Greece and Rome

Reminds me of an essay I read years ago on Robinson Crusoe, you know about the guy stranded on the island

Whoa this guy has a 900 pager on this? I love Robinson Crusoe so that’s on the list now

You’d think that that classic novel was pretty apolitical until you read this guy. So it’s interesting to see a Chinaman talking about the intellectual background of Wells’ day. Now here we find ourselves with China ascending and America descending. What fiction will be written in our time to reflect that? I’m not seeing much besides Ghost Fleet, so this is still a non-existent genre that is bound to be written.

Sometimes the Chinese have a way of understanding us better than we understand ourselves

Who would think to see the Greeks in sci fi? Taoist-Confucians, that’s who.

A novel from the perspective of a mask-off Jew like Slezkine about the rise of China would be really entertaining and thought-provoking.

That Chinaman is here if you want to see what else he says about this genre.

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