You just have to put it that way don’t you

“It’s ancient history, just drop it!” I just want to know what happened ahahaha!

I don’t know what I’m going to find. “Retaking Jerusalem” sounds awful suspicious to me, I’ll say at the outset.

The first article I click says possible causes are the Byzantine Emperor, the Pope, merchants, and knights. Can you guess which one I might be zeroing in on here? WWMD – What Would Marx Do?

It’s interesting where all roads lead, one has to admit

Think more broadly that the Paris Trial against the Talmud was in the year 1240. It’s all a coincidence huh?

So following this clue, i.e. putting “Donin and the Crusades” into google

They didn’t like Christians at the time? Who could have guessed? What is this “melitza” spoken of here? Old school esotericism

So if those Heeb Chronicles discount it that’s a good sign in their favor.

On an 1892 translation of them

was so afraid these invectives would give offense and arouse anti-Jewish sentiment that they did not translate these terms into German.

“We wuz persecuted during da crusades, it was anuddah shoah, dat’s why we were so rude and nasty!” Okay, you’ve given me the 12 year old’s interpretation, ready to move on yet?

A scholar by the name of Robert Chazan (allegedly) renders these invectives into English. This is from a description from one of his books

the First Crusade or, more precisely, of the pogroms unleashed by the crusade upon the Jews of the Rhineland

Oooh so we finally get to see some history of German Jews before Adolf.

Preliminary question- invectives and pogroms, a relation there? If you’re not at the “Duh” stage of this by now you have no hope. Not only invectives, esoteric invectives. Say one thing, do another. Act like a dirtbag, play victim of the Christian’s Old Testament. I write for dirtbags like this, is that you? Do you know what morality is, modest pagan? I don’t think there’s a concept in your brain for it. If only neuroscientists weren’t forced to be PC…

Further from the description

the significance of the events of 1096 within the larger framework of Jewish history, including both the scope of persecution and the record of Jewish resistance

That’s enough for me to not want to read this. “Horizon literature” that pretends the Talmud and its invectives didn’t play a role in their history. It’s botched historiography, a mere story. Should we even trust the translations of someone like this? I wouldn’t.

This off the cuff shitpost is probably telling more truth about the Crusades than any US high school the last fifty years. And you know it. Do you believe that “children should be fed on the bread of lies”? “Whatever’s good for the extended crime family.”

Just like the journey to find the perfect thoughtcrime book on the French Revolution, this is going to take some time. Whitebeard historians of today ARE those children who were fed that bread.

Exclamation point appears above head. What MENA has to say about the Crusades…

Cue the sharp inhales of the Zionists. You know you play dirty, I know it.

First link I click on and it’s not something mentioned by that Chazan

Prior to the departure of the first Crusades to the Arab East, the need for money increased, and the role of the Jews, especially the moneylenders among them, appeared, and the need for their money increased under the protection of the crown during the reign of the Norman Kings [1066-1135 AD]

Recall that the Norman Conquest, which the noble Jew Mitchell Heisman has written so much about, was in 1066. Is this another event in history we need to study for “our purposes”? Should Marx have titled that famous tome of his Shekel? I think people would be a lot less misled today if he had.

Wait a second… Crusades end-date. 1492. All a coincidence, Ivan.

Other important dates to keep in mind- expulsion of Jews from England – 1290, establishment of the Bank of Amsterdam – 1609, establishment of the Bank of England – 1694, reversal of English expulsion – 1655.

From a Palestinian scholar

the Jewish position on the Crusades serves the basic Zionist goals in several aspects.

Dj Khaled This Guy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

How many historical events can be characterized like that? It’s exciting we get to learn about the past for the first time.

Palestinians tend to be more expert on the JQ than most, for obvious reasons

Jews since the nineteenth century have been rereading history according to the general guidelines of the Zionist reading of history, and the matter did not stop at an organized process of distorting Arab history.

Muslims on the internet are an extreme threat to them. Good thing they’ve distorted our perception of them enough that we think Why bother reading terrorists?

Think of this in contrast to the way that Chazan frames it

Against the Jews, the raging multitudes of crusaders are pleased to avenge themselves on the exploiter.

Remember, Sviatoslav east of there in Khazaria – that was around 960. About a century later this was brewing to the west.

This is interesting

given that there are many differences between the Crusader movement and the Zionist movement on the one hand and between The Crusader entity and the Israeli entity, on the other hand, there are basic aspects of the similarity between them

Aren’t allowed to understand the past, aren’t allowed to understand the present.

Check out the Arabic internet on this, it seems both they and Israel have written voluminously on the Crusades.

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