The MENAnet, decidedly better than my high school history teachers

One of those teachers did always say “follow the money” so I guess he was right in that way. Redeemed.

People are secretly fans of this cabal because they facilitate a “live and let live” environment. I just want you to be able to say it out loud without shame that that is euphemistic for “being a dirtbag is okay”. Just say it. That’s all that really means. It’s cool to be a slob, it’s cool to be a dirtbag, just say it cabal lickspittle.

What a damned soul.

“We want to believe in people.”

So if it’s about pragmatism where does yours lead? To the proliferation of slobs, dirtbags, and sycophants like you?

It’s really the Great Unknown that they fear. At least “people are believed in” under their order. They don’t know what might happen if they were ousted. They prefer to stick with the known. I know it too, I don’t know if you really know it if you want to keep the same patterns continuing. I think you have this deluded idea that people are innocent. No, slobs are real, dirtbags are real. Sycophants are real.

Possible breakthrough awareness

The Radhanites of Khazaria lost their main trading hub in the 10th century. The Crusades begin in the next century to conquer the Levant.

They had trading posts at every major port in Europe during these times.

The Crusades failed. We’re living in one of those now. Their main hub for the time being is the US. That Quran must be strong if it kept them out of there for centuries. They need to brainwash hundreds of millions of people in order to keep that toenail in the Middle East from dissipating.

Parallels to find in this one?

Some things you see on the internet you can just say That’s a conspiracy and move on

Right? Right? Too unlikely to look into further.

If I was part of a kabbalistic plot myself I wouldn’t be shocked.

Christians vs. Muslims during the Crusades = similar to Allies vs. Axis during WW2? Right vs. left in our time similar to them?

Here, just read the page yourself – there’s something special about the MENA internet

They’ve been up to this sort of thing for centuries and now we have to live with them doing it to us too. All while “feeling sorry for them”. Yeah they did that in many other places too, people keep falling for it.

You have to understand that the Christian’s nature is to start from the premise of “Be good” while the Jew’s is to start from the premise of “Be bad to the goyim”. That explains pretty much everything. You shouldn’t be good to people who are like that. “They’re good though, I forgive them!” So you’re continuing to be a stupid Ivan christian okay. You let immorality–slobs, dirtbags, and schmoozers–prevail, that’s not very christian in my eyes. What does that mean to you? You’ve been programmed to think anyone who questions the anointed ones is evil. Nope, the chances are that you’re a slob, dirtbag, or schmoozer and hate that I remind you of that. It’s time for us to fight the real enemy.

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