A Nazi has to tell you about the beliefs of other cultures.

“They’re only beliefs, they’re not ours.”

So you’re a Nazi then?

They never answer this question, they only terrorize people who ask it and then make everyone else that certain others are the real terrorists. You don’t terrify me, your religion is based on materialism. That’s the easiest worldview in the world to mock.

I myself like to go back to the question of “What is reality?”

“We can only answer that in a Talmudist way.”

So you’re theologians not philosophers. Will you ever tell the public that?

“There’s no difference between any of these.”

That is what a Talmudist would say, yes.

“We make sure arguments against us are not allowed.” – That is Talmudist, yes.

So if I bring up the question of What is reality? then it’s only fair I give you an answer, right?

You never give an answer. I will try to do so though

Reality begins as light.

From there we have disagreements of humans.

“What is light?”

Ask your rabbis why they don’t ask you to ask that question.

Light is impossible to be perceived by those who live in pleb consciousness. Which is most people. Anyone who questions the banks that is met with condemnations is a sellout not to be spoken to. You support your slavemaster, and I’m suppose to think highly of you?

“What is life?” – Talking. This idea of “woman-an-sich” that I speak of is a very real thing, most can observe its existence. The next question is “Are women controlled by Jews?” – you never see that question because the ones who could ask it are dumpsterkikes themselves. Aw.

“I have good reason to pretend no one ever questioned me” – Really, where is your critique? Your current state of development is feeling bad that you’re a white nigger then promoting basketball which you are unable to spend even 15 seconds watching. You think you have control? It’s all empty promises they give us. Just believe in subhumans and all of a sudden you’ll watch basketball, and in the meantime watch bots. Nah, you’re just a bunch of niggers with white skin who can’t acknowledge it.

Back to the question of “What is reality?”

That is not something that can be said in a culture like ours.

And you want to know an answer of someone who doesn’t care what our culture thinks is

It’s simpler than you expect- walking and talking. That is reality.

“We believe in Jews and niggers instead.”

I know you do. You have to pretend I never said anything against you? What an objective jewnigger. No response to any of the arguments of people like me besides “Ban the whites, we need mud people!” You are a nigger yourself for that. You don’t think you need to be cleaned?

“What is reality?”

I beckon you to question that yourself.

Pretending for a second I’m not someone like Adolf, what do you think of when you think of “reality”?

I think of talking face to face with someone I respect, and there aren’t many options for that these days.

“I’m a worthless slob and dirtbag, why would you want to talk to me in the first place?”

Just saying that what I think the elusive idea of “Being” is involves walking and talking away from the state.

Someone as elusive as yours truly still suffers, and people with this awareness should be able to have live debates with the depraved ones rather than be disappeared.

“Disappeared? Who is that?”

You are the caste of people who are reminiscent of dirt that no one is allowed to question.

“I’m dirt, thus I deny being dirt.”

We are continuing to establish that fact.

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