Alain Badiou? How about Alain Soral, who was exiled to Switzerland for his philosophy?

So far I’ve only found hitpieces on him, rather than his books themselves. Similar situation with that Faurisson (you read him yet or are you scared?)

These are the contents of the second book about him I’ve found instead of his books

See how there are “layers” in the French intelligentsia? Badiou might be the face. Then you get to Laruelle who is himself state-owned, then further away you finally get acquainted with Benoist and Faye – and these last two also hide the more dangerous thinkers.

Springboarding from the disappointment that is Badiou I scroll through Zizek’s latest, and intuiting that they’re not even worth downloading, now I want to know more about the history of France that would have led to a Badiou. It’s so easy to read one of Benoist’s books, and that’s what they want.

So far that female reactionary has offered the most “flooring” interpretation of the French Revolution. After clicking a few links to that secondary hitpiece above I finally find a forum that gives me the impression Soral’s interpretation is similar to hers.

All I can find are detractors of Soral and bank-apologists, strange. Meanwhile someone like Badiou is worshiped like a god.

I just want to see the man’s writings, not people talking about them.

From what I can infer so far this seems to be the French equivalent of that banking book banned on amazon.

Next I find another entire secondary text against him. So many sites that seem to be intentional spam. It’s like the cabal turning a TV channel to static.

They took him to court for this!

On the photomontage is Emmanuel Macron, wearing a Nazi armband where the dollar symbol replaces the swastika.

He appears in court very regularly they say. What happens when you talk about how we speak “English”, right, Badiou?

His main text is also in Russian, Korean, and Italian, so maybe those internets will help us get through the slander and spam.

From a Korean description

Author Alain Soral traces the history of the domination of financial power from the French Revolution. The forces that actually led the French Revolution were the upper-class bourgeoisie, not the people

It probably isn’t a coincidence this was translated into Korean.

From what I’ve gathered, Soral confirms the accuracy of the chapter on France in the banking book banned on amazon

The war against France lasted from 1792 until 1815. Among the principal objectives of this pointless bloodletting was to destroy Napoléon’s debt and interest-free system of finance

And let’s not even bring up what one can find on the MENAnet – just terrorists being terrorists anyway.

I have to learn about this French book from Koreans, odd.

It’s different when you see an Asian say it

Most of them are people who have been formed by accepting the Old Testament unequalism of disparaging humans.

“Like you have a ground to stand on with that.” I disparage them and their creations, you caught me.

Badiou might as well be one of those bourgeois who took over France. Same goes for other sacred cow theorists. Just goes to show “it’s not all Jews” – no, it’s not- you’re all their servants though. Or should I call you “tellers”?

Ha, and not only reporters

A reporter’s job is to obliterate the truth, lie without hesitation, distort the facts, be vulgar and cringe in front of the owners of gold… in other words, selling the country and nation for salary.


As broadcasters emerged instead of intellectuals, citizens were inevitably lowered to the status of consumers. Broadcasters who have taken the position of intellectuals from this time have rooted in the spirit of resistance. In addition, he takes on the role of destroying the characteristics of reason

Bourgeois pseuds at best, peasants with soap at worst.

This book must be so slandered because the French Revolution is so sacred to the French

i.e. a certain interpretation of it is sacred. Why they’re justified in their arrogance. The carpet is pulled out from beneath them. They obviously can’t appreciate that. Do you appreciate that it was international finance that won WW2, not ~human rights~? No, people tend to get HYSTERICAL when their interpretation of WW2 is questioned, and the French seem to be similar about their “Revolution”, it’s what the world knows them for after all.

Still resorting to the Korean internet (how sad) – and Song Hongbing’s untranslated series is referenced with Soral’s book!

Banks grew into a financial empire, starting to lend far more money than they had.

This isn’t a meritocracy we’re living in, based on this concept alone. All these French detractors of Soral defending this “printer caste”. So now we have three books from around the world on this subject they don’t want people reading. The Chinese one is popular in China, while the French and English ones are banned in their respective countries- probably symptomatic.

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