Just a Chinaman asking a Buddhist question

1066 Norman Conquest, asking the Sinonet since they were so insightful about the Rev and Civil Wars.

How could Mel Gibson have known about all this, I thought he was just an actor?

“Dude, it’s Mel Gibson.”

Those circles, you think they never meet any realktalkers with history PhDs or something like that? Actors in more ways than one

Most of them are just as brainwashed as anyone though probably. My personal observations attest to that at least.

I want to get someone from the CCP talking candidly about the west. I settle for the Sinonet for now. The fall of Khazaria – 960, the Norman Conquest – 1066. Might be something there. The real history of capitalism we’re trying to figure out. They had a monopoly on trade in the 10th century and had plenty of ships to move elsewhere.

Something I noticed- the Chinese tend to be more “western” than Middle Easterners despite their place geographically. The Chinese didn’t have a Quran to resist Sassoon&co. Interestingly, that mask-offer Slezkine draws parallels between Jews and Chinese who live abroad.

Frenchnet is most helpful for 1066 so far

among the other injustices inflicted on the English by the intransigent actions of the Conqueror, it must be remembered that he brought Jews to this country from Rouen, and fixed a specific place for them to live and occupy.

Normans were French vikings remember. My question is- were they in cahoots with the Radhanites? Both people who were known for sailing their ships around that time. Based on this one piece of evidence we might surmise that they had friendly relations. “Why don’t you talk about the crimes of your own ancestors?” They’re nothing next to these people’s, and what power do Scandinavians have in America?

Here’s a sign

Those desert-dwellers didn’t want to sail their ships to frosty Iceland, eh? I’m sure they’re there today…

Who’s this clown, probably bribed

Would you rather live on a giant ice cube or an extorted toenail?

They must not like the cold

there is no concrete evidence of Jewish settlement anywhere in the North prior to the year 1592, when one Jochim Jøde obtained citizenship of the Danish town of Helsingør.

It was a Scandinavian who originally let them into England? That’s what happens when you don’t live among them and know what they’re like.

Some things never change

one of the earliest historical travelogues to describe Scandinavia was probably written by a Jew. Ibrāhīm ibn Ya‘qūb, whose account of the town of Hedeby from 965 famously describes the singing of the Danes “like the baying of hounds, only worse”

Jews lived in Normandy since Roman times. While they didn’t sail north, the vikings did sail south, and they might have seen eye to eye both of them being non-christian. Scandinavians didn’t convert to Christianity until mostly after the fall of Khazaria.

Rus = Volga vikings according to (old) Arabic sources

The UK is zogged today, don’t you want to know about their original presence there? It wasn’t an Englishman who let them in. It looks like there might have been an alliance of two kinds of pirate. One humble enough to renounce barbarism eventually.

I’m not going to top Mitchell Heisman’s genealogy of the Norman Conquest, I will though note that he does have a certain (((bias))).

This dissertation I’m pulling from is titled “The Jew Who Wasn’t There: Studies on Jews and Their Absence in Old Norse Literature” by the way, so we might not have much to go on regarding the relations of these pirates

a number of Khazarian coins bearing the inscription “Moses is the messenger of God” have been discovered in hoards around the Baltic from Gotland, Finland, and Estonia.

What’s more dishonorable, splitting someone’s head open with a battle-ax or subtly screwing people out of their lives with debt-slavery? Neither are ideal, and at least I can apologize for the ax murders.

Was 1066 a coincidence?

Get my brute viking business buddies to conquer England for me so I can away from these Talmud-disrespecters. I just doubt the standard telling of everything at this point. In 1079 Jews tried to bring gifts to Ireland and were turned away (don’t say it).

Esther, do you have some explaining to do here?

Look, this forum poaster gets it

Too much to google

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