If you spend too much time with some of these galaxybrains it’s like reading a sentence for the thousandth time even if you’ve never read it before. I have this thought while reading Heidegger. I haven’t read the book referenced in my previous post before and yet I might as well have already read it. This is what I mean when I say that I starve for something profound. It’s like over-listening to Beethoven. It’s very possible, and I’m not sure what to do after that happens. Over-stimulation. Explains everything about my misanthropy. Just a subjective opinion of mine- no Heidegger has existed since Heidegger. And the rate our culture is going, there’s not going to be anyone like him anytime soon. If ever. A Chinese Heidegger, let’s be real. Their only hope is CRISPR. They’ve experimented with monkey brains, that’s a good start.

Then after having that thought about H he puts it in this way which resonates with me in a slightly new way

Philosophy is a kind of aptness which makes it possible to see being in respect to what it is in so far as it is being.

Again, I emphasize that this is illegal. PC is based around not saying what being is.

“It isn’t being, it’s a person with feelings.”

So are you a person with feelings? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I saw you as being? How else can I tell you what you are?

I’m a person with feelings too in fact, and you’re a person who’s let me die in a digital gulag over and over again for years.

“Oh quit whinin'” – Alright so you concede that you don’t care. Something hypocritical about that. Certain people want it to be known what being is and you don’t care if they suffer. I think it’s just a machine of lies to keep people from knowing what being is, because they don’t want to know who they themselves are. Keep people who tell you what you are marginalized that way you don’t have to face it. There are cruel ways of telling you what you are, and I’m not sure they’re inaccurate. You won’t find this in any ontology book. And yet, that is what being is. I’m sure you can think of some words that describe being most accurately. Why speak rationally? A poetic description suffices- a smelly person with flies swirling around them. That’s what “being” is in many cases, and you can’t say it. If you want to live in a world with people like that I have to only guess that you are one of those beings yourself.

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