That’s probably the most tragic feature of equalism, that those who call for it do not live in it themselves. Has any progressive spent more than 15 seconds watching a basketball game? So why do they tell others to live that life? It seems they’re more concerned with their own status than whether those they speak to do not end up miserable. Yeah you pushed for mud, while living on a moderately wealthy street probably, so why do you tell poor, ignorant people that being mud is good, if you can’t even do it yourself? It’s all for schmoozing the egregore.

If any person told me they like watching basketball I’d adjust to them in a similar way to those guys whose personalities were shaped by Family Guy. And yet they try to push it on other people. It’s insensitive to say so try to endure- sometimes when you have a baby it might as well be a bowel movement. We got a gang membah, a nigga shootin hoops. So do it yourself then, prove that you’re a “good prog”. Instead they tell everyone else to do it. They’re already a certain type of nigger with no dignity. That’s their form of basketball. Watching progs is like watching lowbrow culture, and that explains everything about them. Progs are already absolute retards and now they’re vying to turn people into mud which is an even lesser form of retardation.

Anyone who hates those who say anything against the Jews isn’t much different from this type, since the Jews are running the operation. You’re a Jew’s nigger, and the Jew is itself a nigger. Nah, not something I want to be part of. You can enjoy yelling at each other to be mud though, I won’t stop you. “That isn’t what we’re doing.” How could a mud person even understand itself to know that? “We tell people to accept mud while being lush whites and jews ourselves.” You didn’t just admit that, right out in the public, really? Prove me wrong and damn your line forever with mudpeople then, do it. Instead of telling others to do it. How self-centered that is. “I will sacrifice myself.” Then at least acknowledge that you’re sacrificing yourself and turning into mud. BLM is a form of charity. If you want your kids having all whites feeling sorry for them, alright, you’re probably already some sort of nigger, a dumpsterslut perhaps. Or both a dumpsterslut and a Jewess – many such cases. All in all there’s a difference between “liking the idea of something” and actually doing it yourself. So have a peanut brain already. Why tell others to do it? It’s an empty speech-act. You go live in a ghetto yourself. You’re just a white nigger, what’s the point of talking to you? There’s no possible way you can get any worse, right? “Mud isn’t real!” You aren’t mud that tells others to be even more muddier, right, I think I got your drift. Nigger.

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