What is theology? That’s another crucial question to ask. For now I will state that philosophy is something truly evil depending on the person who tries to study it. This is because they are more of a theological person. There’s nothing wrong with that strictly speaking, that’s where someone is on their life’s way. I have my bias here so I try to sort that out like usual with live-speak. There’s nothing wrong with stories that express realities, and theology is the best kind of story of all. That is a gesamtkunstwerk. If they see it scientifically as that then there might be a problem. Which is why philosophy is truly evil to certain types of human. There are good messages expressed in certain theology, and then one might think to scrutinize them critically. Is there anything wrong with that? Philosophy and Theology are actually always fighting. “Should people be critical?” How can you understand anything if you believe in myths? That is the philosophy side of it. “What’s so wrong with myths if they’re good?” – that’s the crypto-priest side. The normal, non-crypto priest will never admit it’s a myth. You can choose from these yourselves. What we living ones write on the internet is myth itself. Have you ever read someone from a hundred years ago? Some of them are different people than us. Philosophers of the past know more about the people living in the revolution of the internet than those ones know about themselves. No progress or technology has changed that. The internet seems like a pleb-conglomeration to me. So we might recall theology in this context. Theology continues to theology and philosophy remains being its center it revolves around without being aware of it. I constantly beckon theologian types to consider self-awareness. “You’re not self-aware enough to know that theology is all that we have.” – So this is the great Athens versus Jerusalem debate in a different form. Theology, totalitarianism, philosophy, freedom. I respect theology in a way, and what I don’t respect about it is that it cannot endure any criticism. Theology, what is that? It’s similar to a prime fictional narrative. What should we believe?

I look forward to a future where we are able to discuss higher-order abstractions like “philosophy” and “theology”. We can’t even do that now, and the theologians are only turning the dial dumber. “Being a simpleton like me is good.” How could a simpleton even understand themselves? I don’t think that it is good. Theology only survives because it tells itself it knows what good is. You ever try to talk about theology non-theologically? Ah that’s what our priests and rabbis cannot permit. What is theology? That might be something even you can understand, given you probably can’t understand the What is philosophy? question. “They’re equivalent” So say something I say then. I only hear silence. A theologian who has to depend on a mere story that when confronted with philosophy cannot hold up. Many theologians think of themselves as philosophers when they’re really a new form of theologian who can’t understand philosophy because they can only understand stories made for children. “What is theology?” – a theologian will answer that differently.

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