Dugin with the broad view

Biden and the forces behind him embody the culmination of a historical process that began in the Middle Ages

He claims it began as a scholastic dispute, that’s hilarious- where else do you find a statement like that? Our wisdom-caste in the west is so beholden to the liberal order that they aren’t able to talk about current events like people from demon russia are able to. There are actually nuanced ways to do “news”. Can you imagine the above quote in a digital news article? If you did it would only be to praise him.

Check out this “news article” for yourself. He says it was a debate about universals and particulars. Forms vs. concrete objects, Being vs. beings, texts on theology vs. theological texts.

Which side of the debate do you think he puts Biden the Swamp on?

Alright Dugin how do you link particulars to posthumanism now??

This could be interpreted as genealogical

“Nominalism” laid the foundations for future liberalism, both ideologically and economically.

See, Dugin is a prime example of what I mean by an “E. T.” – Russians in general tend to be. A casual poaster from that country is more “radical” than the Baizuo Badiou.

Another layer to Robinson Crusoe?

The philosophy of the new order was anticipated in many ways by Thomas Hobbes

Here’s a test. Do you identify as a westerner when you read this?

The meaning of history and progress was henceforth “to free the individual from all forms of collective identity”

Crusoe living alone on an island… I get this sense sometimes from Dugin, that I am very much a typical person from the west. And honestly I don’t care, I like some of the things about it. I don’t want to live alone on an island though! We DO have a “collectivism” here, it’s just more of a collection of atoms. I’m shouting to you on your island, from my island. Time to build a boat.

It’ll kill me if the political order is truly the inverse of Platonism

The nominalist approach prevailed in science and culture, in politics and economics, in the everyday thought of the people of the West and of all humanity.

I have no idea how people can be so obsessed with current events and not care about how we got to these current events in the first place.

I’m more humbled when the question arises of whether I’m a typical liberal without knowing it than when Badiou scrutinizes me as a mathematician. There’s something more existential about the political.

I don’t follow this “Therefore” here

There is only the individual – human or not, male or female, religious or atheist, it depends on your choice.

Therefore, the last step left for liberals, who have traveled centuries toward their goal, is to replace humans

If anything I think we should use CRISPR to make us less prone to atomization and excessive individualism.

Here again is how he defines the goal of liberalism

to free individuals from the latest forms of collective identity

My understanding of posthumanism is that it will be a new collective identity. Surprisingly it’s similar to Badiou’s end-goal of communism- that everyone is a philosopher. There’s nothing sacred to me about preserving the rabble’s collective identity. The kagal’s Plan is not so much to remove collective identity- if anything they want the rabble to collectively identify as being happy that they are turning into an even lesser rabble. Ironically, in my own definition of liberalism, liberalism is singled out for blame without any remark about the exploitation thereof. That is, it might be somewhat healthy or at least a lot healthier if it were not amplified by an insidious force. Think of the collectivism of the Chinese. Some individualism is obviously good if you don’t want to end up like them. What we have is hyper-liberalism which is administered by people who are sickly thrilled to cause chaos in society. A take that doesn’t bring that factor into the equation is in much the same genre as Badiou. France’s dude, what’s he have to say, Russia’s dude, what’s he have to say, I don’t get why no one else does this.

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