Laruelle has a book on Badiou that is subtitled “The Introduction of Maoism into Philosophy” – what a weapon this is, this should excite leftists

From this point of view, mathematicism is the condition of communism, with the authoritarian Platonist model finding a new lease of life in Maoism.

He accuses him of refusing to experiment with philosophy itself – so, a similar plane that I’ve been discussing – this is expected with Laruelle–even if I might accuse him of the same thing, i.e. he also faults Badiou for not being democratic enough – what does that word mean here? Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The grandsons of the banker revolution, never stops being funny.

He claims that Badiou’s rewriting of Plato is a form of putting humanity in a gulag

Education and self-education take place through philosophy; but re-education is a political action carried out upon philosophy itself.

Gulag – my word, not his. What else do you think of with the term “re-education”?

This is exceedingly shrewd of Badiou though, it’s probably only due to general stupidity that our elites use “SCIENCE!” instead of math to offhandedly justify their ideological stance of a given day. “Thanks for the advice, idiot.” Yeah tell me about it you Maoists. Get outta here.

It seems Laruelle has something similar in mind to what I said earlier about the sneakiness of Badiou being a poet only posing as a mathematician

This mathematical (and more secretly, political and “cultural”) program is of the greatest interest to what we call “non-philosophy.”

This can be seen as either disturbingly dystopian or pristinely utopian

the forced re-education of new intellectual cadres, who will govern through mathematics.

They do love Badiou in France, if that tells you anything. I’m starting to sympathize with the government portrayed in Orwell for a second here. If it’s truly math-based then why not…

Then we get to the question of the jump from number to theory – is it even possible? Seems like that in-between is very ambiguous and can be easily manipulated by the corrupt. Like how the techlords use AI to promote retardization.

The tens of millions of deaths that occurred during the reign of Mao – that’s just math, baby.

Dozens of books on him, and he’s thee philosopher of France

For he alone has had the courage to openly advocate it, to have assertively and consciously combined the conceptuality of Western philosophy with Maoism.

By the way, did you ever end up finding a copy of any of that exile Soral’s books?

Libs are reading this thinking “Whoaaa I need to move to France!”

A so-called reactionary like Soral would be gulagged mathematically.

Then zoom out and think of Dugin who lives in a country that experienced implemented “scientific” Marxism, how he considers it among the discredited ideologies in circulation. Badiou is still living in that pre Fourth Political Theory horizon. Imagine starving to death in a gulag because of a baizuo like that, because 1+1=2. “Whose” order did Badiou grow up in anyway, remind me of that.

No one like Laruelle out there – this is what he aims for

A new critique that would not be just one more philosophical “critique” of philosophy, but an entirely other usage of the latter

“entirely other” – how… French.

That concept ties in with Dugin’s thoughts about liberal individualism.

And once again, you could be racist against me because I’m a general fan of that–who doesn’t want to be “more other” than Laruelle, really? Dugin, that’s who. Ha I think he’s his own kind of individualist. People in the west can’t even have an honest talk about Dugin. Too bad since he arguably does what Laruelle says his own aim is, and perhaps more thoroughly. Remember Dugin’s debate with that other (((Frenchman))) Bernard-Henri Lévy – I doubt Lévy would be nearly as hostile with Laruelle, and that says everything you need to know about “non-philosophy” and “otherness”. We already live in a mathematical-Maoist hellworld on some level.

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