There’s no one like Laruelle

I feel guilty and “found out” when he says that. Both Dugin and him have done this to me today.

I can’t even imagine what that would be like, seeing someone admit, You found me out, I think from within the horizon you speak of! Look at that, I just found you out again.

Has Laruelle caused any mental illnesses? Because I’ve witnessed my line of thinking cause that. They have to fly off into rationalizations in order to maintain their sanity. You’re a sell-out, it’s the end of the story, why don’t you just change? -rationalization time!- Whatever, take your crazy pills, which I’m sure you do take. Speaking of mathematical-maoism, pharma is perfectly effective at rendering the ideal docile subject. Freeing the individual from all forms of collective identity is so contentless to say. What’s important is what the new collective identity is supposed to be. You’re all supposed to be basic morons who don’t question anything – do you feel yourself to have merged into this new collective identity? I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s you. Dugin never says that, that the new order brought about by “liberalism” is that you’re a subhuman now. I wish it was nice to make your acquaintance. Unfortunately… Hoot like a baboon and agree with all the corporations, please. “I have dignity, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says so.” Haha that’s questionable. Indistinguishable from the dull idiots I see when I switch on a TV. I could only wish that people were too individualistic in the west, what is Dugin even talking about? It’s pure collectivism here. One horde of down syndrome patients who all systematically hide the fact of the existence of subhumans, their own subhumanity in many cases, and the telos that is pulling them evermore toward a further subhumanization. Happy happy happy rationalization time. You’re fine with all that I guess. Okay, further proof of my thesis. It’s a conspiracy alright. All the odious souls in cahoots with each other. If I passed most people on a sidewalk I’d greet them as “nigger”, because that’s the tragic reality of humanity. Deterministically hopeless, most of them, born to be wretched forever. You support lobotomy you are a coon, coon. You think that merely remaining at the level of Robinson Crusoe is naive? People won’t even bother to get to that level the way the state propaganda and its obedient automata are going these days, forget about the levels above that, aesthetic theory, philosophy of philosophy, non-philosophy, etc. A future of hedonism and no self-awareness. That’s just Being. When they’re told what they’re doing and all they can do is rationalize, that’s just the state of their neurology, they can do no other. The collapse of the west seems to be something that is simply destined. And that’s why I’d refer to them as that on the sidewalk, because that’s what they are. What’s goin’ on, nigger? You believe that stupidification of society should be a secret process? Guess what you are then.

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