Even if one can stabilize their center as “grandsons of the revolution” there’s no other country that you would see a page like this from

“French arrogance”, here you go, in one image.

There is no German Badiou today, that possibility was snuffed out. It’s mostly between the English and the French at this point.

-hick voice- “Wot abowyoot us Americans hrm?” Are you kidding me?

In light of the French, military might is the reason the US is the world superpower.

Like I said, these theorists I’m talking about here are clearly baizuo so even the Chinese can see through them. That doesn’t mean that they’re not “more intelligent leftists”. The US is vulgar leftism. I prefer these French ones, at least they can say something profound once in a while.

“We got bombs, we got military bases, and we got dumb theory to back it up, what are you gonna do about it?” Trailer park country holding a gun to the rest of the world.

The Russians are more advanced in theory as well!

What do you have, America? You have a collection of dumb brutes and weapons to back them up. Do you live in a fantasy land where that isn’t the case?


Even the terrorist countries are at a further stage of the dialectic.

The Zionists are using these irredeemable morons and refusing to educate them.

I’m sick of pretending that just because you have the bombs it means anything!

Biden is the perfect face to represent you. Not a clue what’s going on, not a thought in his brain. “We have the death-weapons, we will uh uh we will use those for something that uh the advisors say.”

Do I truly agree with the French, MENA, China, Russia? No, I’m a self-hating American, that’s all. Can you just listen to any of them for once? The stereotypes about the US are right. A people like that shouldn’t be bombing others at will and spreading their imbecile ideas everywhere.

What an arrogant, pigheaded clown, at least learn how to listen. A country that is not even 250 years old? What is that next to these other ones? What a failed experiment it is, let’s just say it now. And let’s not even mention the pseudo-country that is not even 75 years old. “We know what we’re doing, we need to universalize lowbrow culture.” Ah and drone or disappear anyone who disagrees. The evil other Soviet, you aren’t so different from them after all.

-twangy voice- “We believe in democracy, we believe in freedom, we–” No, you’re just philistines. So much so that you don’t even know the gravity of what that entails. And you’ll keep bombing people over it anyway.

Following a poisoned trajectory since the Middle Ages, and the worst of Europe is here now, and they’ve gathered all the bombs to defend their backward way of life.

“We and the corporations hate America too!” That’s exactly the America I’m talking about. The detritus has all gathered together and they’re making bank off of it, they don’t care about “the broader context”. When’s the last time you saw any of them have an honest debate with someone from China, Iran, or Russia? They don’t care to, they’re totalitarian human waste. All they believe in is lobotomy for the entire world while using humanitarian concepts. “Our noble experiment in bluhbluhbluhbluh” – No, you’re a retard who stinks like shit, go change yourself. “Making sure that the world lives in the third-world, that’s good.” No, you have military bases, and no real culture, that’s all there is to say. And merchants who use you before they move on to the next country, want to talk about that one? How could someone who is an illiterate American even respond to this? Relying on tasteless, trailer park tactics no doubt. Say something like Laruelle, go ahead and try. You monkeys can’t do anything of the sort.

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