“Defend the merchants and bankers”

So you’re telling me that it’s “antysemitic” to respond to that at all? You’re part of a crime family who I wouldn’t mind murdering.

“You can’t question us.”

Let me know why.

“We won’t tell you why.”

So you’re a nigger.

Meanwhile these unquestionable perfect innocent merchant bankers want you to be stupid as standard state policy, you think that’s a coincidence?

As much as I admire Laruelle and other Frenchmen, I don’t see any sentiment like this expressed, they’re all slaves of this in my opinion.

“It’s not like that in America, I swear!” Yeah it is, I’ve never seen anything insightful for years. You all work with constraints that make the merchants and banks happy. You’re really doing “philosophy” and “non-philosophy”.

“We don’t care, being a moron is good.” I can tell that you’re clinically retarded.

Yes, it is a confirmed fact. If you never said anything against the hebrew or jungle nigger then you are a nigger yourself, that is confirmed.

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