The concept of “new genres” is interesting isn’t it

Hmm, no thanks, not this one

Reminds me that Laruelle has an untranslated book on non-standard sci fi that attempts the re-foundation of the genre. Maybe something like the above could do that for painting, I don’t know, that’s just the first link I clicked, for a course on this genre of new genres. Until recently one had to drop like $200 on a textbook, now they’re just a click away in many cases.

He doesn’t seem hesitant about this

It was the Christian God that died. Yahweh remains alive, though one might argue half-dead himself. It seems the Yahwehists are trying to prepare a new religion of sorts. It begins with all souls being equal, and we’re not there yet. We never will be if China doesn’t decide to play ball, and there are no signs it’s going to.

Thinking of Hobbes’ hidden presence in Robinson Crusoe, these thinkers like Laruelle and Badiou probably have a similar presence in French culture outside of philosophy. Maybe even Soral – Hobbes books were burned.

This is gradual self-awareness. Some people aren’t content with Robinson Crusoe simply, they want more abstraction, and these are two that they’ll look to for that. Probably a minority. And that minority will be more similar to the demos than these two. You ever try to read Laruelle? Talk about “difficult”.

Another one of those university course sites says something similar

Dance-painting? Really? Maybe, who knows.

“That kinda sounds cool actually.” Some things that aren’t normal seem bad at first.

Democracy could be somewhat useful here, if there is an overseer that prevents it from getting sloppy

Ugh I feel dirty saying that democracy is okay, I take that back.

People just want to be respected as equals, don’t they? One doesn’t approach a beautiful woman as a subhuman, even if she has qualities like that, anyway. That’s one of the only exceptions I can think of, when looking at it coldly. Ah you’re a doctor, okay, that’s easy. Theory-servants of various types? Approaching a slave with respect, I don’t think so. Spielberg? Theory-servant.

The French are infamous for their obscurantism, and sometimes I don’t know what they’re saying exactly, and at the same time I kind of do catch the drift at least and like what they say

Ultimate abstraction being brought down to earth, essentially. This is how society can progress, in a real sense, and not in the way they usually mean that empty term.

How to make society a thing of beauty

Studying Laruelle like

Nah, he’s more liberating. He seems to accuse Badiou of being constraining. I’ve tended to avoid the French because they are politically dogmatic- no one can deny how clever they can be though.

They included this near the end of this presentation, strange

Speaking of Freud, I remember him saying that he avoided Nietzsche because he didn’t want to be too influenced by him. (I think it was found out after his death that he had in fact secretly read him). Something similar with Laruelle for me actually – if you truly want to think in a non-standard way then you have to avoid that kind of theorist. Eh everything is so dull and he’s a breath of fresh air so I don’t care.

Unfortunately there isn’t much on this book of his in question on google. He calls this book a libretto, wut

Some of the classics are called “space operas” – are they ever actually performed as operas? No one cares about that medium anyway. Is this a sort of philosophical screenplay of his? If it’s anything like his other writings people would not know what’s going on whatsoever, so it would have to be diluted into a palatable form. That’s what I mean- ultimate abstraction, the kether of kabbalah, filtered as it descends.

One of the only writings I can find on this book echoes this sentiment

Remember the natural way of looking at the genre of sci fi on the Eastern internet- they see it as hyperstitional, as intended to advance scientific invention in the real world. Many of the articles I saw, they don’t see it as entertainment.

It looks like Laruelle in this book is worried about philosophy being “enslaved” to mathematics. That’s kind of scary to think about, is that going on in France right now? Badiou sees math as aristocratic, and he’s probably right. I still have to figure out how he bridges number and political theory.

He ends the book with a treatise on speculative music? CRISPR-Beethoven… Wish I could actually look at this book.

“Going to laugh”? Not funny to me

This stupid plague redirected CRISPR studies to battling COVID grrr.. The chinks did it on purpose, this is what I believe, and no I don’t have any evidence.

Anyway, remember that book about genetic splicing with different animals, falcons, bats, cheetahs, etc. – that’s a kind of “multidisciplinarity” in a way. It’s not sci fi, people are just too nervous about the ~ethical~ dimension of it.

“We’re only talking about human disciplines here, don’t bring animals into this!” Sorry if that seems creepy or something to you. I want hawk vision, I want the hearing of a bat, that will be an advantage to the human disciplines. Being “freed from our collective identity” of being deaf and blind, oh no.

“Someone has to say it” – “who” or “what” says it? This is what philosophy does

the criteria of Laruelle’s formula for a general science-fiction suggests that the first criterion [is the] inclusion of quantum physics in the infrastructure of world-building

This is the most rapid way of making hyperstitions realities.

There’s another level to this. The most advanced philosophies should be used too, the “quantum physics” of philosophy, that’s why I’m taking a look at these French. So far, I’m not convinced to change the url of this site you’re reading, though I do find these ones highly creative.

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