Aha there’s a book on this

Our natural attitude is to have the conviction that no new genres are possible, right? “They’re not!” There’s a voice in my head that says that, yours too? I mean, this genre of book does exist, so…?

They grow out of older ones

“What’s a new one, I want to know.” You love novelty too?

This can be interpreted dialectically as new syntheses of thinking that are institutionalized as a “thing”.

Finding actual theorists of this is significant to me personally in the context of Zionology (obviously!)

Or think of elitology. How about “equalistry”? Laruelle has the charm of provoking one to think this way. Speaking of equalistry, I can’t imagine finding a book on the genres/disciplines themselves that is written from an equalistrist standpoint. I feel like a doctor diagnosing you people.

There’s something mystical about this

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy calls emergence “a notorious philosophical term of art” that combines the qualities I have been emphasizing: an emergent entity or property “arises” out of something preexisting or more fundamental and yet is novel or “irreducible” with respect to it

CRISPR is another emergent “genre”. Moon mining also. One might even say reactionary historiography. Don’t go there don’t go there… One might even say “Racism Studies”. “I don’t like this idea of emergent genres anymore.” What are you some kind of conservative? Afraid of the new? Posthumanism itself is a sort of emerging genre.

I always appreciate phenomenological interpretations over most

This makes cultural emergence less like the birth of a star or the discovery of a new chemical element and more like the dawning of a realization.

This book begins philosophically, i.e. it takes up the concept of “emergence” itself before moving on to the particular of genre emergence.

This is another one of those books that makes me feel like I’m visiting “God’s Workshop”

our understanding of cultural change such as we see with genre innovation

We love to be entertained. And lots of the genres out there are pretty tired are they not? So this is a theoretical way that we can learn how to create new ones. Going to the Source, the Universal, the Kether, the What is — ?, etc.

“Frog Thought” is a new genre, Fourth Political Theory is a new genre. Some of these aren’t going to be “institutionalized” any time soon. They ARE institutionalized on the internet to some of us at least. The internet has made the television set collapse in on itself – now that’s an entertaining new genre. “You hooligans have done nothing of the kind.” Okay grandpa time for your vitamins. “We’re going to keep the internet unfree forever.” Doubt it, it’s only a matter of time. -whispers- Mostly waiting for the older generations to drop off. “Copeology” ahahaha AHAHAAH! Ketmanistics. You could pack a university with all this. Never will of course because the ones in control of the academy would be the ones studied. There has to be a new subdiscipline of aesthetics that allows for people to be the brutalist of elitist snobs, because I don’t see that anywhere. The encyclopedia once was a emerging genre, wikipedia is now, and others that model the latter and go beyond it are an emergent genre of sorts.

Anyway, like I said before, us moderns are refined to appreciate the gesamtkunstwerk that is audio-visual entertainment perhaps most of all, so I’d like to see emergent genres from there in particular. You know my bias of liking the idea of philosophical critiques of the state religion made into art – haha never gonna happen! I have a dream… – You thought this would never be parodied?

Apt memer

A down-to-earth way of thinking about it

literary genres have their origin, quite simply, in human discourse

“We don’t humans to do that discourse thing they do.” Sounds inhuman to me.

Googled “emerging genres” – what is this stuff?

It begins as mere speaking, mere writing, and sometimes it develops into a more advanced artform, science, etc. Bitpunk? Is that like bitcoin-based fiction? That would be kind of cool, possibly really cool… That movie about bankers thrown out of windows I want! Satoshi, discourse, fictionalization, gesamtkunstwerk, in that order- how it can work.

This is what’s important about it

Genre change, he shows, reflects and enables both cognitive change and social change.

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