Nothing this ambitious you can find in America, or anywhere outside France really

Even if he doesn’t do anything new, the goal is there.

If leftists here liked him as much as his lookalike “Bernie” I might actually not have so many nasty things to say about them all the time

Why do they settle for the stooges? Probably because they’re stooges themselves.

“We are the proles that need to be liberated, that’s why. We don’t like to read, we were given Kraft mac n cheese, not even Velveeta, as kids, and sat in front of cartoons.”

Alright, I’m not going to hold that against you. I only bring the caption of this box to your attention

“Thankfully he’s not talking about ME personally.” I very well could be.

It’s alright, it’s fine to be cheesy and sleazy. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with leftists that make them decide to be leftists. It couldn’t be because they feel guilty when I say something like that.

Going from this Emerging Genres book to this new “science of humanity” one there’s definitely a shift that one can detect. And I can see very well what is not even at the level of the Emerging Genres one. People who never visit worlds like these clearly appear as “cheesy”. Very low taste and no one to even tell you what you’re doing wrong. I condemn all of humanity that thinks within the horizon on grounds of cheesiness. I’ve heard it all before, what do you want me to say? It’s like a block of limburger that is shackled and hopping in place. This need not be you- if you feel accused then it probably is. I for one do not see mathematics as a “cure-all”. Sometimes only ways of figuratively speaking can make a point. A cheesy slob. No one wants to be called that, and there’s no math problem in the world that can instill that kind of feeling. How many people don’t fit that description though? It’s just sad, and there are so many like them they continue being the way they are. Even Laruelle is like this to me. A new science of humanity, you grandson of the revolution? At least he talks in the language of the Forms. Consider how people who don’t even do that are perceived. How about think of people as paintings. What is that crude image I see, was it drawn with markers? Thankfully no one needs to know about this and if you so choose you can delete that draft. I honestly don’t have much hope for women, especially prole women- I do give them my best wishes though. There are feminists who are “cloudpeople” like Laruelle, if you spent time with them and actually put in focus maybe you could help liberate the little girls out there from a life destined to never have awareness of the world of ideas. Or are you still at a “cartoon” level of thinking and can’t do that? I’m going to say something controversial now, not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing, just a thought that crosses my mind, the idea of a “pisswhore” – there’s almost something erotic about that to me. You’re such a lowly creature that I see you as a latrine, and from there I wonder if there is something about nature that makes women want to be degraded. Keep your eyes and your mouth open and I’ll drain my bladder. Symbolically of course. I’ve never actually done that, the thought has only crossed my mind. Feminism is a lie, and hopefully the opposite of feminism is a lie too, because I’m pretty sure anyone with a daughter would want to punch me in the face for saying that. Disgusting creatures who need to be punished. 100 bodies in they’re destined to be child-abusers, what do those kinds of people deserve? “Forgiveness!” With a muslim-like submission maybe that is possible at all, and I doubt they’re capable of that. I seem like a monster and I only care about the little kids. Pisswhore, time to take your daily dose. Chinese and Russians are going “The West is decadent at this stage!” Yeah I have to adjust to them, give me a break.

Let me show you again what I initially posted above

There is not going to be anything like this if children are conditioned with the values in place today.

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