I’m going to try to synthesize Laruelle with something else to make his thought more radical

Science fiction writers, philosophers, they need to learn quantum physics, in his eyes. I agree with the general direction. What about other emergent sciences? You say quantum physics and nobody blinks, that’s just accepted. Can you think of an emergent science that tends to be avoided in our time by the other sciences and humanities disciplines? “What is Genetics?” An abstract view of that I’m going to look for. Actively keeping in mind that we do not want to use a “sanitized” account of this being. We want to know “What is — ?”

Think back to this post. The objective is to reduce the years before impact

To put it bluntly, a politically incorrect CRISPR novel has not yet been written, and more concretely nor have any politically incorrect experiments been attempted on human beings. “What about the underground labs in China?” There’s no evidence for those, they probably exist though. I’m sure that American George Church has done some experiments he hasn’t published anything about as well

Those are genes they’ve isolated.

Remember that the Chinese, among other things, have effectively altered the genetics of pigs so that they can survive in colder temperature. I.e. they do not freeze to death, whereas unedited pigs do. So the above tweaks are theoretically possible, it’s just ~eThIcS~ holding it back. Thus, those of us who aren’t squeamish about any of this have a certain responsibility to make this discipline less scary to people. Daniel Suarez’s novel- absolutely amazing, please read that. Anyone who “wants the population to be smarter” should care about this. Shouldn’t that be everyone? You’d be surprised.

You might have missed the news that CRISPR recently cured sickle cell disease in a couple patients. People are sensitive about this. You might be aware that this disease mostly affects a particular group of people, one could say “race” of people. So it’s not a surprise they started with that.

This published last month is a bestseller- that’s a great sign

It probably doesn’t seem real to you when I talk about posthumanism. No, it’s real.

Science proper is not something that tells you that, thus not many people understand, because it’s mostly scientists who are involved with this. There aren’t many non-scientists who are going to tell you “It’s real” because it’s taboo to go beyond the cosmetic features of this reality. It’s perceived as impolite to suggest that altering people on a genetic level can make them smarter. Scientists probably keep what they know on the downlow because they don’t want to be questioned by hysterical people about whether they’re “running some kind of Nazi lab”. Do you want to hear some realtalk about that? It’s because the “kike gene” no doubt exists. Whoops, I said that. So does the “Stupid Ivan” gene. Both are realities. The world is never going to change for the better unless we acknowledge that. The “Barb gene” – how bout we go there? “How about you shut your mouth and grow a wiffle ball bat between your legs?” Yes, that is one of the many things that can be improved. Someone whose thoughts only revolve around the physical isn’t someone that one wants to fuck anyway, you have to face that side of things. Further, only one of these things is allowed to be hinted about in the public sphere. When I say “walking Talmuds” I’m implying something genetic. When I say that dumb goys are their slaves–. We can change this stuff, it’s going to be a slow process. You don’t want to be a Barb, you don’t want to be a pig or a slob, you want to change that, ideally. The scientists working on this at DARPA don’t have a clue about much of this. Cultural “drivers”.

Googling “Laruelle and genetics” I see this from Derrida

Are we Greeks? Are we Jews? But who, we? Are we (not a chronological, but a pre-logical question) first Jews or first Greeks? And does the strange dialogue between the Jew and the Greek, peace itself, have the form of the absolute, speculative logic of Hegel

This is not something that “drivers” will be asking, because they’re living on one side of it. Derrida is an engineer in asking this question. The answer to the question Derrida is that you are first a Jew who is momentarily behaving like a Greek here.

If you want to talk about the most significant questions that pertain to Jennifer Doudna’s invention then the egregore needs to be explicitly put into question as Derrida does above. Putting it bluntly, do we want to use this technology to create citizens who are more similar to freethinking Greeks or to totalitarian kagalists? If you deny this contrast then you probably are not a Greek. Annnnd you probably shouldn’t have anything to do with CRISPR.

It’s rare for a member of the kagal to be so explicit

Ha look who agrees with me about this

Somehow I don’t think I need to google whether any French people have been taken to court over criticizing Greeks in this country where Greek thinking is supposedly “dominant”.

This is an interesting symptom – they must cleave to the philosophical and disavow the genetic

How Laruelle sees it

Derrida ‘gives away the secret’ of the Jewish philosopher and he shows this through the very fact that Levinas denies, namely that the Judaic Other, in its inviolable transcendence, is only an inversion of the Greek and does not exist except with the Greek – with paganism, that is. A Jewish philosopher is an amphibology, who, with ruin threatening, has no other option than to deny it radically (Levinas) or else to suppose, to posit that amphibology.

In other words, part of being Jewish is hiding that one is Jewish. “I deny that.” Yes, that’s your identity, to deny it. One might say it’s genetic, i.e. inescapable. At least someone like Derrida can even ask the question – that’s pretty much non-existent today.

So, is that something we want to perpetuate with CRISPR? Not only a totalitarian way of thinking, a secretive totalitarian thinking? The Ashkenazim have the highest IQ on average in the world so they will be the prime ones to study. This other side of them should be studied as well. This “intelligent and…” Intelligent and what? There’s something else there. Laruelle, in a non-genetic context, refers to something like this as “the Jewish obstacle”. I don’t think humans of the future should be sneaks, maybe it’s just me.

Essences? Refusal is the essence

Derrida would refuse the categorization of his work offered by Laruelle and the attempt to identify essences of ‘Jew’ and ‘Greek’.

Prove me wrong by refusing that refusal is essential to their essence.

I started this post wanting to talk about genetics, and I think I have done that.

Ahahaha blah blah blah

Imagine me debating DARPA geneticists about this – never gonna happen. We need to have interdisciplinarity about this. You want to create the perfect being or not?

In a word, it isn’t “cunning” that we want to perpetuate. The ones throughout history, and the ones of today, are clearly that. Much as they refuse to admit it. That’s part of cunning. There must be a gene for that.

“Ahhh so you are a Nazi!” I don’t like secretive totalitarianism, yeah, you got me.

Such brilliant ladies we could have in the future

Will we even want flesh? So sweaty, it bleeds too. A genetically altered brain within an indestructible body? Making the brain fleshless and indestructible will probably take more time.

Stuff like this flying around like it’s normal lol

Clever as a fox, and not cunning.

What’s this

Science behind this here

There’s a gene just like this for cunning, and I’m not sure our culture would even allow scientists to isolate it.

Do you want a “slimy” baby do you? Sorry, is that a controversial thing to say?

Not only scientists, not only theorists need to be involved in this – non-PC theorists do as well

This is from 2018

To worry?

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