Not a publication title you see everyday

Critiques the past 30 years of higher education. Speaking of “emerging genres” hopefully this is one. This is from 2019. Wowww we don’t have to rely on a document from 1851?? Watch, he was fired. Not seeing any reviews of this on google. Speaking of a “brain that needs to be edited”, seeing a theme here?

Oh god I can only imagine what this was about

It was 1988, and on that occasion, the rectors of almost 500 European universities met in Bologna to sign the Magna Charta Universitatum, the solemn summa of the European principles of knowledge.

This book is mostly about the academy of Italy, of course I can’t find one on the American one. Even though the entity in question does nothing besides write books, thousands and thousands of books. “Yeah you don’t give the game away, that’s why.” Churchy.


today society lacks the awareness that the loss of academic freedom prefigures the loss of freedom on the part of everyone.

If we had the brains of our culture firing missiles at society like they should be doing then most problems would be solved. Instead, these brains are caged.

“Grassroots” brains can’t do it (usually), you need professional brains for the task of Critique.

You’re fine buddy, someone from inside has to at least try

I immediately ask the reader to forgive my excessive arrogance, when in the final pages I try to outline a different goal, trying my hand at utopia.

Note he isn’t a “professional Schopenhauerian”, he’s an engineering professor (who’s written multiple scientific textbooks).

This is inspiring to see (in a book and not in the reactosphere – and you rarely see this from the latter either)

The new university can sprout up with struggle, among a 1000 inconsistencies, after hard labor and multiple trials and errors

This is its own kind of CRISPR experiment.

Interesting that I found this book while looking for one on the renaissance, because reforming the academy is the chief key that could lead to a new renaissance.

The gears in the machine

He will be avenged

“Weren’t you just talking about wanting a ‘pisswhore’ or was that just a bad dream of mine?” I want to use the modern academy as my pisswhore too (given that that’s what it is).

This is reminiscent of Laruelle’s talk of generic scientists I mentioned, “service nomads”

Who manages it? It’s not Socratics.

Academics are the most robust connection to “tradition” in culture so that’s a very sensitive and lifeworld-determining occupation to have. Thus an “Antiversity” is called for to scrutinize it. That’s what the book in question is. In one place Rosso speaks of a 900 year old university that was “modernized” 30 years ago. Anyone else think of the word “rootlessness”?

No autonomy for Knowledge

the market challenge has engaged the governance, breaking the traditional self-government scheme

Zooming out from this, I can tell this is a book from Europe. We’re missing a cultured spirit that they have there. And formalistically speaking, do you know who is to blame for that? What he calls the management control of the academy. Most of the people we think of as “the media” go through the academy, and they could’ve easily been given a better education if our system had a Laruellian tweak to it. “They’re fine, what’re you talking about?” Haha…

A Platonist might find this interesting

Going back to an earlier awareness of “What is — ?”


It’s cultural lobotomy.


It is a method borrowed from banking practices

With this post so far do you see how Laruelle-style abstraction isn’t everything? Descending down from the clouds you learn a lot too.

It’s clear though that I need to find a book somewhere between Laruelle and this Rosso, because this is more of a Robinson Crusoe level rendering, whereas I’d like something closer to that Philosophy of Poetry book (so to speak).

to the exception of Galileo one must deal with the broad generality of the “Priuli” and “Messer Colombe” who actually ruled the universities.

Here is the book if a more concrete approach to editing the brain is up your alley. How few books there are like this, whether concrete or abstract!

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